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Tag Archive for ‘CCPM Hypocrisy’

CCPM Attack Machine

The Director of the CCPM’s in-kind contribution to the Obama campaign - offering free labor from her membership list:

I am writing to this list, not wearing my CCPM hat, but as Team Leader for the Chester County (Region 3/Central Chester County) Obama Campaign. Those of us committed to Barack Obama (as I have been, totally,since 2004) know that he holds the key to a better future for our country and for the world. However, from time to time I might feel that I need to write to everyone on this list to give you an opportunity to be part of the effort that I see as our best hope for peace and justice in this world. If you want to be a volunteer in the Obama campaign, e-mail: _mccain at aol.com_ (mailto:mccain at aol.com) – and I will give your name/phone/address/e-mail/municipality/preference for volunteer activities if you have preferences (please provide all) to our Volunteer, Canvassing, Office, and Phonebanking Coordinators

Interesting, the director of the Chester County Peace Movement openly displays her alliance to the Democrat party, yet attempts to use an alleged connection to the Republican party to smear members of the Victory Movement:

CCPM – Sat Jun 14 21:38:14 EDT 2008

On one of them you will see clear ties of our little Saturday “pro-war” group’s alliance with the Republican Party. I have long maintained that their motive has absolutely nothing to do with “support the troops” or the crazy war . They have never shown once ounce of real concern about “our troops.” Their whole political raison d’être has EVERYTHING to do with the Republican Party. (when you “google me,” do a little “Where’s Waldo?” and see if you can find the photos of 2 of that group at a recent Republican meeting of some sort -

CCPM-Sun Jun 15 12:04:00 EDT 2008

We will shine as much light as possible w/out appearing obsessed with them (as they are with us) – just perhaps “Reports on the Militarists” or something like that – I think we can counter this group by making sure all our people know exactly who they are. Periodically, I can issue an e-mail about “what this group is up to” – esp. focusing on any politcal connections.

Pretty strong words, one could say attack words, from this Obama Team Leader. What she doesn’t “get” is that one of the two people she alludes to in the post above is a registered Democrat – see my sidebar profile.

In a letter to the Inquirer, our fearless ‘Obama Team Leader’ stokes the fires of racial division:

GOP attack machine

With regard to Barack Obama’s opting out of public campaign financing (Letters, June 23): Do those of you who criticize him not “get it” that Obama is the first African American candidate who not only will win, but who will inevitably be the constant target of the Republican attack machine, which will use racism in every way possible to defeat him? Do you not get that? He will be up against the strongest attacks against any presidential candidate in history and needs every resource at his fingertips. Just what is it that you don’t “get” about that?

Karen Porter
Team Leader
Chester County Obama Campaign
West Chester

We do ‘get it’, Karen. It is apparent that you will use every type of malicious attack and near libelous mis-characterization against anyone or organization that does not conform to your group-think mentality. ‘Militarists Reports’ – Is this a tactic picked up from the Obama Team Leader playbook, I wonder? What has been so elegantly illuminated with this letter and in your leadership of the CCPM is that you are a divider, not a peacemaker.

Raoul D. nails it:

In Letters June 25th, Obama Campaign Team Leader Karen Porter offers a defense of Barak Obama’s breaking his promise to turn his back on ‘Big Money’ in this election. Porter repeatedly offered her opinion that America is fundamentally racist. Does Barak know he has a divider, not a uniter, speaking for his campaign in Chester County?


VFP Salutes Chavez

A representative from the office of the former Mayor of Macon, GA (Jack Ellis) and a representative from Veterans For Peace attended a live video broadcast of ‘Alo Presidente’ in 2007. Hugo was presented with an official proclamation of support from the former Mayor of Macon Ga.

This video opens with Chavez reading the proclamation to the assembled captive audience. Later in this video, a representative of the ‘Mayor Without Borders’ has the opportunity to greet Chavez and express the former Mayor’s respect and honor of Chavez. The representative also notes the former Mayor of Macon has many similarities to Chavez.

Blip TV

My fellow Sheepdogs, the next Anglo to speak to Chavez is a familiar face – John Grant. A member of Veterans For Peace/VVAW and local West Chester peace protestor. He is quick to note that ‘many people in the United States don’t feel like George Bush’ . He then gives a quick half salute to this dictator.


Can we consider Chavez as a political backer for VFP and by extension CCPM?


The Peace Movement’s Take on Flag Day

The Mouthpiece Speaks:

Just to report to those of you who couldn’t make it today…and to thank you who did – today’s first-ever “Festival of Flags for Peace” turned out to be truly a joyous, beautiful occasion! We had so much color, so many flags – in addition to Old Glory, ( ed. note: see above) we had flags from Argentina and Germany held by natives of those countries – a United Nations Flag, many “world flags,” even Phillies and 76er flags!

Who invited Raid to the party?

Philly IMC: Flag Day in Chester County: calling all colors Philly IMC: Flag Day Peace Vigil Chester County Democracy Caucus: Pro War Troops Gathers Its Troops

This faux Flag Day observance by the peaceniks was only a temporary diverson from their main interest in the preservation of peace: Domestic Surveillance

I agree, John – I’ll ask the Steering Committee by copy of this – send me stuff you THINK WE SHOULD SHARE WITH THE LIST ABOUT THESE FOLKS. We will shine as much light as possible w/out appearing obsessed with them (as they are with us) – just perhaps “Reports on the Militarists” or something like that – I think we can counter this group by making sure all our people know exactly who they are. Periodically, I can issue an e-mail about “what this group is up to” – esp. focusing on any politcal connections.


Karen et al,

I have seen enough of it before. It is straight out of the republican rovian book of political smear tactics. We have seen this tactic in the past. It is being pulled out, dusted off and reapplied not only against the Chester County Peace Movement but also against the Democratic nominee for president, Barack Obama. The links between Rich Davis, Skye, Dee, Karl, etc. of the Chester County Victory Movement with the Republican Party should be documented and put out to the public ……

John Hellmann


Honesty and the Conservative

Color me unsurprised:

The headline may seem like a trick question — even a dangerous one — to ask during an election year. And notice, please, that I didn’t ask whether certain politicians are more honest than others. (Politicians are a different species altogether.) Yet there is a striking gap between the manner in which liberals and conservatives address the issue of honesty.
Consider these results:
Is it OK to cheat on your taxes? A total of 57 percent of those who described themselves as “very liberal” said yes in response to the World Values Survey, compared with only 20 percent of those who are “very conservative.” When Pew Research asked whether it was “morally wrong” to cheat Uncle Sam, 86 percent of conservatives agreed, compared with only 68 percent of liberals.
Ponder this scenario, offered by the National Cultural Values Survey: “You lose your job. Your friend’s company is looking for someone to do temporary work. They are willing to pay the person in cash to avoid taxes and allow the person to still collect unemployment. What would you do?”
Almost half, or 49 percent, of self-described progressives would go along with the scheme, but only 21 percent of conservatives said they would.
When the World Values Survey asked a similar question, the results were largely the same: Those who were very liberal were much more likely to say it was all right to get welfare benefits you didn’t deserve.
The World Values Survey found that those on the left were also much more likely to say it is OK to buy goods that you know are stolen. Studies have also found that those on the left were more likely to say it was OK to drink a can of soda in a store without paying for it and to avoid the truth while negotiating the price of a car.
Another survey by Barna Research found that political liberals were two and a half times more likely to say that they illegally download or trade music for free on the Internet.

I’m not sure if the data from individuals who consider themselves independent factored into these studies. What a striking comparison, one that I have witnessed on a corner in West Chester, Pa. The author of this article offers up an opinion of why this disparity exists between liberals and conservatives:

The honesty gap is also not a result of “bad people” becoming liberals and “good people” becoming conservatives. In my mind, a more likely explanation is bad ideas. Modern liberalism is infused with idea that truth is relative. Surveys consistently show this. And if truth is relative, it also must follow that honesty is subjective.


March 22 Update

Via West Chester Unplugged:

David F. Cleveland, 48, of West Chester, entered into a 60-day summary agreement in which he would agree to plead guilty to summary charges stemming from a March 22 altercation at the weekly dueling protests Uptown. Cleveland, a member of the Chester County Peace Movement, was charged with Failure to Disperse on Official Order and Disorderly Conduct after he allegedly disobeyed direct orders from Ofc. Jason O’Neill as a fellow peacenik protester, John Meicht, was taken into custody.According to the Criminal Complaint, Cleveland “had followed (the officers) across High Street to the patrol vehicle” where Meicht was secured after being placed under arrest. Cleveland “was visibly agitated and approximately three feet away from (Ofc. O’Neill)” and was “yelling and screaming about the arrest of Meicht and waving his arm and pointing his finger.”Cleveland was ordered to get away from the officers and was reportedly growing “more agitated and aggressive.” Eventually, he was placed under arrest, however not before allegedly “pushing off the vehicle with his body and resisting efforts to handcuff him.”Cleveland’s case was continued until July 15 (15-1-01, CR-0000087-08).

Meicht, 62, of West Chester, was charged with Simple Assault, Resisting Arrest, REAP, Disorderly Conduct, and Harassment. A prelim in his case is scheduled for Friday at 15-1-04 (15-1-04, CR-0000101-08). It’s not entirely clear as to why both cases were filed in different courts, though at least Meicht will be in front of a judge who is probably sympathetic to his cause


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From: John Grant [mailto:grantphoto@comcast.net]
Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2007 3:26 PM
To: John Grant
Subject: Iraq Vet John Bruhns attends the West Chester vigil

West Chester vigil – Saturday, December 8, 2007

Iraq veteran and VFP Chapter 31 member John Bruhns ventured out to the circus of dueling vigils in downtown West Chester last Saturday and, then, wrote the article below that ran on The Huffington Post, where John regularly publishes his commentaries. For anyone interested, VFP Chapter 31 members will be at the vigil by the West Chester courthouse next Saturday and on all Saturdays for the foreseeable future. Last Saturday, the non-combat Marine vet holding the Israeli flag in the attached photo called combat vet John Bruhns a “traitor” and, as we were rolling up our END THE WAR banner, said, “Don’t come back next week.” He made it certain we will be back, proud to be red-blooded American veterans peacefully calling on our government to end its the illegal military occupation of Iraq.

John Grant

I look forward to it!


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An Open Letter from a Common Thug

Wayne Lutz responds to Karen Porter’s crass characterization of Rich and his supporters.

To the editor:

An Open Letter from a Common Thug
What a lovely town West Chester is! I have lived half my life in the Philadelphia area and this past Saturday was the first time I’ve ever been to your town, and I did not realize what I’ve been missing! Attractive, clean streets, quaint shops, interesting architecture. What a shame to ruin it by allowing in a thug like me and “my kind.” When I and a few close friends arrived on that beautiful, clear, and dry weekend, I have no doubt that property values immediately took a nosedive. For that I do apologize, but it was for a worthy cause, as I shall try to articulate.
Your story of September 30, by Justin McAneny, titled “Protesters Gather in West Chester” tells much of the tale. It is a sordid and complex affair, one side saying this and the other side saying that about protests in general and the war against radical Islam in particular. I would not try to argue the war here – it’s been done to death. What I would like to point out, however, is the blindingly obvious hypocrisy, elitist snobbery, and sheer, seething hatred that is evident in the written diatribe sent out by the “director of the Chester County Peace Movement,” Ms. Karen Porter, in describing the people and events of that day. For the sake of clarity, I shall refer to the people on that “side” as the “liberals,” and the people on my side as the “thugs.”
“Thug,” you see, was one of the many descriptive terms used Ms. Porter to describe me and some of my friends in her “newsletter.” The interesting thing about this is that she has never seen or heard of me before. She does not know me, none of them spoke to me that day, nor did I speak to any of them. So how did they know that I am a “thug?” Why, by the position I took on the issues, is all that I can assume. That, and the fact that I am (among other things) a…..biker! You may now indicate your righteous indignation with a sharp intake of the breath.
This quote from your newspaper article is telling: “I was quite surprised by his [Richard Davis'] speech,” Porter said, “all the name calling.”
This is quite stunning, in that in her own newsletter written the very next day, Ms. Porter called us, “thug,” “grey-bearded men in their leather jackets and metal studs, with their phallic motorcycles with hideous roaring engines,” (there were three motorcycles present, and they were parked), “sad and pitiful men,” “death-cheering women, “hardened and wrinkled faces showing hatred that mothers and daughters just shouldn’t show,” “harbingers of the very worst mankind has to offer.” Ms. Porter even resorted to that old liberal standby; comparing us to the “KKK,” we who dare to stand there holding American flags. How horrible, holding American flags!
No, that was incorrect. Not “holding flags,” or even “waving flags,” but “waving Old Glory like swords, not like flags.” Yes, that was us, charging with our flags, impaling old ladies and batting aside small children and puppies.
To Ms. Porter, we are men “decked out in gray beards on those wrinkled faces and leather and metal” and pursuing “those old men’s wet dreams.” This is quite hurtful to me, as I’ve always preferred to think of myself as “ruggedly handsome.”
The fact, of course, is that Ms. Porter does not know me at all, nor does she care to. She typifies the classic definition of liberal elitist, a snob whose preconceptions and bigotries are all that matter. Yes, I said it. Ms. Porter is a bigot (and I assume that by association her followers are equally bigoted), and her very own written words damn her – she does not need me or my fellow thugs to do that.
Ms. Porter and her minions were livid that we “Outsiders” had come to her beloved corner of West Chester to upset her myopic world view. She made that point several times, that we (just a few of us, in fact) are not residents of West Chester. What Ms. Porter does not seem to “get” is that she and her group are not out there protesting the “War in West Chester.” Nor are they calling for the impeachment of the Mayor of West Chester. They are protesting the United States, and calling for the impeachment of the President of the United States. Last time I checked I was a citizen of the United States, the same United States that I honorably served for ten years, and if Ms. Porter is insulted by “Outsiders” then she should confine her protests to local issues. What is it about that concept that is so hard to understand?
No, the objection to “outsiders” is just one more glaring example of the elitist snobbery and outright bigotry that permeates her entire written screed.
Let me close by clarifying something about myself to Karen Porter and her fellow bigots, and to the good citizens of West Chester. In her “newsletter,” inserted there among paragraph after paragraph of insults, “name calling,” and utterly ignorant and unfounded assumptions about who we are (can you say “prejudice?), Ms. Porter says that we are “Men who should know better, who should be at better places in their lives, men who should be making positive contributions to our young folks’ futures…”
So allow me to introduce myself, Ms. Porter. I am Wayne Lutz. I am the Chief Operations Officer of a large church in Philadelphia. I am a professional writer, published in newspapers, consumer magazines, other print and electronic media.
I am the founder and executive director of a non-profit technology company that teaches computer skills to the poor, for free, in a large computer lab/classroom that I built with my own hands on my own time. We also refurbish used computers and give them away to the poor in the hopes of helping them build better lives.
I am actively involved in youth projects aimed at saving as many urban youths as we can reach. I oversee a food bank which gives bags of groceries to the poor – no questions asked.
You mention in your written screed that one of your members couldn’t be there Saturday because he was at a military funeral. I have attended 30 such funerals in the past two years, Ms. Porter, often riding my “hideous,” “phallic motorcycle” hundreds of miles in harsh weather conditions to get there. I actively work to give support and aid to the family members of our military men and women. I have a stack of letters, certificates, medallions, mementos and plaques as high as my knees from family members, active duty military members and officers and commanders, thanking me for the work that I do for them every day of my life. I get three weeks of vacation each year and I use every one of those 21 days for these troop-and-veterans activities, as required.
I am the Ride Captain for the South East PA Patriot Guard riders, who shield grieving families from hate-filled “protesters,” people like you, Ms. Porter, who would bring even more pain to them if they could with your thoughtless, irresponsible little signs.
I am the Pennsylvania Coordinator for the Gathering of Eagles, a grassroots group of Patriots and heroes.
I am a member of the Friends of the Forgotten, a POW/MIA awareness group, and their volunteer webmaster.
I am the assistant Director of the Marne Riders, the motorcycle branch of the Society of the 3rd Infantry Division. We do things for soldiers and their families at Walter Reed Hospital that you could not comprehend, Ms. Porter.
I am a member of the Cold War Veteran’s Association, who lobbies and works for the benefit and living conditions of veterans and their families.
I am a member of the Greater Glenside Patriotic Association.
I am a member of the 5th Street Revitalization Advisory Committee, a group dedicated to revitalizing a run down urban area for the benefit of all of the working class and poor citizens who live there.
I am all of those things, Ms. Porter, and more. And yet, all you saw was a “thug” acting out a “wet dream.”
What does that make you?
Wayne Lutz

Rich Davis Responds to Karen’s blathering:

I am speechless, astounded really.
I too, am not a doormat. Please don’t ever call me a trouble-maker or violent or war-monger again. You have a lot of nerve calling me a “name caller”.
Whenever you point a finger, there’s 4 pointing back at you. And how dare you insult my daughter! You know nothing about her, what’s on her mind or whats happening in her day or life. She is doing 3 internships, full-time class schedule, part-time job, helping raise her neices, and other things. If you had taken a second to cross the street and say “Hello” to her, you would have been surprised how pleasant and nice she is. But instead, you sit and judge… If I had seen your son show up, I would have crossed the street and said, “Hello, I’ve heard so many great things about you.” But that’s me. When I showed up to counter you the 2nd time (it was just me and my stepdaughter Jamie) a woman came running up to us we were coming towards you screaming and yelling, “We’re trying to save lives, you son of a bitch” he repeated the SOB, twice… I had to ask her to calm down…. All you have to do is ask your group this, and I’m sure they will confirm it – Also, the first time, I was cussed and I was confronted aggressively by a few of you..badgering me, not to mention I had to keep moving because your people kept trying to block my sign and me from being seen by drivers (I think it was the guy with the disfigured American Flag – with the peace symbol where the stars should be). It’s okay for him to wave his flag like crazy (it’s on video, on Midnight Blue blog) but patriotic bikers are attacked by you for having flags…. I didn’t make a big deal out of it out of the way some of your peace people treated me the first couple times. I didn’t complain, or threaten to call the police – I’m tougher than that, but I was shocked that your group (not all, but a significant few), supposedly for peace and tolerance, could not control their emotions. I thought to myself, “my goodness, they’ve been here every single week for years and someone shows up with a different sign and they can’t handle it ?”….. I was surprised. And I was disappointed that no one stepped forward and said anything to calm them down…. – maybe you didn’t notice? I guess you’re blind to any meaness or aggression coming from your side. By the 3rd week, things seemed to settling – you still didn’t like me being there (of course) but at least the civility was beginning. I was happy to talk to Peter Lane when he called me on my home phone, and I was happy to meet you Karen, I really thought we could set a great example. But, I guess you are so blinded by your mission that you didn’t see God there yesterday. I did. I thought we were all assembled for over 4 hours total (minus lunchtime between protests) and yet there was no problem… instead of praising each side you were seething inside….. why? because we don’t agree with you – you see no good in us at all. You refuse to see any good in us – because we have the audacity to not think like you or like you want us too… I’ve done my best to explain how I feel about what you say about me in your newsletter, you can mock my effort, and me, some more, if you want.

Rich Davis

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