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Everyone Loves Pancakes!

The Canon 40mm f/2.8 STM lens is especially delicious.


Took the lens out for a test drive at Longwood Garden conservatory in the midst of Orchid Extravaganza. I set the f-stop at 2.8 and strolled around the conservatory snapping pictures.  The lens is nicknamed ‘pancake’ for its compact size in comparison to other prime lenses. Though its size makes it less obtrusive for street photography, it does look a bit silly when paired with a hefty dSLR. However, I did feel more comfortable photographing people with this lens then with any of my other lenses.

The photos I captured during my conservatory walkabout were anything other than silly. The lens was quick to focus and did well in the variable lighting of the conservatory. I did notice some slight vignetting along the edges of the photos. The bokeh is excellent for this lens as it is a f/2.8.  The focal length of 40mm gives slightly more area for composition, however,  I was shooting with a cropped sensor camera. To get a better appreciation of this focal length, I need to slap this lens on my Rebel SLR and go for another photowalk.


All the photos shown were taken with the Canon 40mm f/2.8 and uploaded to Flickr via LightRoom. I did not apply any LR edits the photos, what you see is precisely what I photographed with this lens.  Feel free to click on the photos and examine the images in full resolution.


This lens retails about US$150 at Amazon.com making this a reasonably priced prime lens to add to your collection. This lens would be a great addition to your full frame dSLR as its 40mm focal length close matches the 35mm full frame sensor. The compact size and light weight of this lens makes it a great choice for street photography or fun photo walks.


I’m quite happy to with my purchase of this lens and look forward to using this lens on a future full frame Canon dSLR.


Skye’s New Toy

The Canon Rebel XT dSLR

Purchased this digital SLR tonight and am loving it already. The menu items are arranged similarly to that of my retired Canon A80, so I am finding no difficulty in taking pictures and adjusting the settings. My first picture is posted below..well, its not my best work…but it is dark outside and the dog is being uncooperative and refuses to sit, stay or heel. So, I’ll take what I can get! It looks as though I’ll be heading out to Winterthur this weekend to see what this camera can do. Stay tuned, folks.

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