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Tag Archive for ‘2012’

2012 Year In Review

Bodymarked and Ready to Go!

2012 was the year of firsts and lots of early morning bootcamp workouts. I set a challenge to see if I could train and complete a half marathon, a sprint triathlon and a marathon in one year. The answer would be ‘yes’. Everything I accomplished this year was worth every early wake up, every ache and every doubt that flitted across my mind. I’ve completed events that up until fairly recently I could not picture myself completing. This sweet feeling of accomplishment is one I want to remember and hold on to as I embark on new challenges in 2013.  Lets have a look at what can be accomplished when you are not afraid to dream big and work hard.



Casting Crowns: I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day


Chasing 26.2 – When the Miles Pile On – Get a CamelBak

Source: rei.com via Tania on Pinterest


 As the my running distances increase, I’m finding that I need to re-evaluate all my running gear. I’m letting go of items I’ve grown out of and embracing new ideas and technology. One change I have made recently was a switch to a CamelBak hydration system during training runs. It is working out quite well and it is especially useful for long runs.

I’m am sooo a convert!  After putting up with fuel belts that would bounce and spin around my waist during training runs, I’m over the moon happy with my Women’s Aurora CamelBak.

Easier access to water and plenty of space to store essential running stuff, this CamelBak was perfect for an 18 mile run this past Saturday. I found myself sipping water more often and without the annoyance of  a plastic bottle popping off the belt. Seriously, this would happen at least once per run – ask my running buddies if you doubt my statement.

The CamelBak allows for 70 fluid oz of water. My fuel belt with both bottles filled holds up to 40 fluid oz. The bottles had a tendency to leak if the pop tops are not closed completely, rarely did I realize all 40 oz of water during a run. Two weeks ago, on mile 11 of a 13 mile run, I found myself out of water and unable to refill the bottles. I finished the run feeling dehydrated and grumpy. That was the last straw for the fuel belt and I switched to the CamelBak Aurora for the following run.

What about the weight and fit? I didn’t notice any difference in the weight of the water and running essentials while wearing the CamelBak and it fit perfectly with little movement during the run. It was freeing not to have a belt cinched around my waist during the run. My arms were able to naturally fall closer to my body without bumping against the water bottles at waist level.

The only thing I’m not sure about is where to house your iPod when running. I’ve stopped running with music preferring the company of my thoughts during a run.

So, to all seasoned and newbie runners, give the CamelBak serious consideration when looking into a running hydration system.

The makers of the CamelBak Aurora hydration system did not sponsor this post.

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