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Website Policy

As MidnightBlue gains more readers, I want to express my thanks to my regular readers and to those who have just discovered MidnightBlue.

While you are here, there are some housekeeping rules:

Comments: It is bad form to insult the blog hostess right out of the gate.  Please keep your comments respectful and relevant. Anonymous posts will not be approved, ever. If you can’t put a name to your words, I have no time for your opinion.

Cursing is not tolerated on this blog and I shall delete posts that use such words.

First Amendment rights do not extend to this or any blog. If you have issue with my comment editing, please find a blog that better suits your opinions.

Blogroll: I shall link to blogs that I personally read on a regular basis, unending blogrolls diminish the uniqueness of blogs.

Emails: I try to respond to as many emails I get as possible. Please submit comments or suggestions to my email address located in the contact page. A reply is not guaranteed but please know that I read every email sent to me.  All email will be considered publishable unless you tell me not to.  Same rules apply for Twitter DM’s.

Tips: I appreciate all topic and link tips sent to me and will consider posting them on the blog.

Revised: 10/20/2011