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Where I Stand

Gnothi Seauton


  • Defund Planned Parenthood.
  • Roe V Wade should be remanded to the States.
  • Pro life with caveats -  In the instance of rape, incest, and life threatening conditions the decision to terminate the pregnancy shall be between the woman and her physician.


  • Yes to solar power.
  • Yes to wind power.
  • Yes geothermal power.
  • Yes to nuclear power.
  • Yes to oil based power.
  • Yes to Coal.
  • Yes to drilling in Anwar.
  • No to crippling dependence on foreign energy products.
  • Yes to energy independence.


  • Gaia is a myth.
  • I support green policy backed by evidence based science, not rabid activism.
  • Conservation does not require nature to be preserved under glass; instead conservation seeks to find evidence based practices that utilize natural resources while preserving them for future generations.


  • 20th Century feminism is a myth.
  • I am pro woman, therefore  reject 20th century feminism.
  • NOW’s political agenda cripples women mentally and spiritually instead of uplifting them.
  • I am responsible for my own actions and have zero tolerance for sexism.


  • Sorry Oprah, there is no magic pill for achieving a healthy lifestyle; it’s all about adopting and maintaining healthy eating and exercise habits.


  • Free market enthusiast.
  • It is the economy, stupid.

Health care

  • Yes to patient-centric health care.
  • No to single payer health care.
  • Yes to a robust free market health care system.


  • I am a Canon girl.


  • Yes to free and unfettered Internet.
  • No to Net Neutrality .

Updated 5/9/13