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Category Archive for ‘Holiday’

July 4th – Independence Day

Happy 4th! I hope you are all enjoying the day.

It would not be Independence Day with out this unforgettable scene from ID4:

Speaking of Independence Day – I congratulate the citizens of Egypt for their persistance in holding their elected officials accountable to their promises and actions.

Obama administration backed Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsi, ushered into power with the so called ‘Arab Spring’ has been ousted as president by Egyptian military leadership.

The celebrations in Tahir Square are incredible! Check out this video posted on Sky News of the Egyptians celebrating the removal of Morsi.

Doug Ross has a gallery of photos of protestors in Tahir Square holding signs that are not deferential to Obama.

The damage done by the Obama administration and then secreatary of state Hilary Clinton with their Middle East doctrine will take decades of careful handling to repair.

Your thoughts on Egypt’s Independence Day?


Memorial Day 2013

Let no vandalism of avarice or neglect, no ravages of time, testify to the present or to the coming generations, that we have forgotten, as a people, the cost of a free and undivided Republic

~ John A. Logan


Happy Easter!

Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song.  ~ JPII

Sweet Orchids

Happy Birthday, Trevor!

To celebrate your special day I took time today to complete the following activities:

I treated a stranger to Starbucks coffee.
Communed with the Almighty during a 10 mile run.
Not in possession of a Bible, I read passages from the following books focusing on early christian leaders and philosophers:

Reading material.


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The Easter Egg Experience

Easter, a season of sweet traditions and nature’s rebirth. Every year that I can recall, my family displays our growing a collection of Pisanki; an Eastern European tradition of decorating eggs with symbols of life and rebirth. Unlike my relatives in Poland, I have zero artistic skill when it comes to creating my own Pisanki.

The best I’ve created look like the ones pictured below.  Over the years, I’ve created a style of Easter egg which projects to viewers a post modern, tie-dyed effect.  Don’t ask for precise details on how I create this style, I don’t have any good answers as to why.  It’s art, okay, that is all you need to know :)

Easter Eggs - Soon To Be Deviled Eggs :)

I also realize the Easter bunny table cloth adds the perfect amount of je ne sais quoi to the entire Easter egg experience.

This fine tradition comes with a useful life lesson – don’t judge an egg by its shell; what’s inside matters most. Nutrition data reveal that Easter egg whites are great source of good quality protein, nutrients and are low in calories.  Many of my colorful creations have found their way to local food banks, as I always make more than I need for myself, family and friends.

Other than munching on a Reese’s Peanut Butter bunny, coloring Easter eggs is fast becoming my favorite Easter tradition. I find I can feed a creative soul with art and feed a hungry person a healthy and nutritious food item – a win/win situation altogether.

 Find more inspiring traditions and recipes at Celebrate with Hershey’s. 



V-Day Gifts for Photographers

Cupcake Heart (Hipstamatic Contest Entry)

V-Day is quickly approaching and there are still some bitter clingers out there who continue to celebrate this manufactured event. Sigh. To be clear, I love the idea of celebrating love – just not the manufactured one day of the year with red roses and heart shaped boxes with stale chocolates type of scheme.  I strongly believe love can and should be celebrated EVERY day of the year.

Okay, stepping off my soap box now.

For those still seeking the perfect V-Day gift, I urge you to step out of the artificial construct called traditional V-Day gifts and consider these ideas for that special photographer in your life. I’ve selected items that can be given at whatever stage your relationship is at the moment.

Gifts below the cut.



2013 New Year Greetings


2012 Year In Review

Bodymarked and Ready to Go!

2012 was the year of firsts and lots of early morning bootcamp workouts. I set a challenge to see if I could train and complete a half marathon, a sprint triathlon and a marathon in one year. The answer would be ‘yes’. Everything I accomplished this year was worth every early wake up, every ache and every doubt that flitted across my mind. I’ve completed events that up until fairly recently I could not picture myself completing. This sweet feeling of accomplishment is one I want to remember and hold on to as I embark on new challenges in 2013.  Lets have a look at what can be accomplished when you are not afraid to dream big and work hard.



2012 Christmas Village Memories

Christmas Village in Philly is a great way to celebrate all the good things of this season. I try to make a visit or two every year to check out the decorations and the goods for sale in this market. The village is based on the amazing traditional German Christmas markets.

You cannot help but smile when visiting this market. The wares, the music, the lights and the food makes this place a great way to celebrate the Christmas season.




Casting Crowns: I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day


Christmas Eve 2012

Ode to Joy flashmob:

Time has gotten away from me this week and tonight my family gathers together for a traditional Wigilia dinner.  And to the delight of my nieces and nephews, presents are opened after dessert is served. Christmas day is a quiet affair with sleeping in late followed by Mass and breakfast.

What are your plans or traditions on Christmas eve?

May my readers have a joyous Christmas and a New Year full of happiness!

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