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Adding to this disaster is a ‘strange lack of urgency‘ by the White House in issuing orders to federal department and agencies directing them to take immediate action to stop the leaks.

Perhaps this administration is looking for cover in the wikileaks? Shellacked by the recent elections with no coherent plan of victory for either Iraq or Afghanistan, why not blame a loss and hasty retreat of our forces on the devastating effects of the leaked documents.

All is not lost, good news can be found in this mess. That woman, Hilary Clinton, was totally broadsided by the leaked documents.


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This Doesn’t Happen Often – I Agree with AllahPundit

Yesterday, Proposition 8 which passed with easily in California in 2008 was struck down by a Federal judge. Overturning Prop 8 over the majority opinion of the citizens of California is not the way to get buy-in for your cause and sets a chilling future for all citizen based ballot propositions .  While I have no issue with gays wanting to enter a civil union, getting to that point has just been made even more difficult by this Federal judge. When the citizens of this country are ready to accept unions between two consenting gays then it will be reflected in the ballot box. I don’t care what your orientation, you must respect that fact.

Allah and I agree..remarkably on this subject:

I think they’ve made a needless mistake in pushing this in the courts instead of doing it legislatively state-by-state. The optics are uniquely bad — a federal judge imperiously tossing out a public referendum enacted by citizens of one of the bluest states in America on the shoulders of a multi-racial coalition. If the goal of gay-rights activists is to make same-sex marriage palatable to the public, then embittering opponents by torpedoing a hard-fought democratic victory seems like … an odd way to go about it.


Philly Democrats Reward Racism

Apparently, using the race card is the fast track to political success in Philly’s Democrat Party.

Philly’s disgraced City Council staffer, Latrice Bryant, is testing the waters for a potential run for Councilwoman Donna Reed Miller’s 8th district seat come 2011.

Latrice Bryant’s most notable accomplishment was to invoke the race card when confronted with evidence of falsified time sheets and an inappropriate physical relationship with her boss, City Councilman Wilson Goode, Jr back in 2008.

A local Fox News journalist, Jeff Cole, uncovered the evidence and confronted both Latrice and her confident, Councilman Wilson Goode, Jr. Her reaction was to literally flip him the race card:

Flipping the Race Card in City Council



Finance Bill Favors Unions, not Taxpayers

The sweeping financial reform bill that has been voted into law has nothing to do protect working Americans and everything to protect union power.

Elections have consequences.


Why is the Philadelphia Inquirer Ignoring A Story of the Year?

Yesterday, a former prosecutor for the Department of Justice testified to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights pursuant to the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation dismissal. The allegations put forth by J. Christian Adams point to the case being dismissed due to the skin color of the defendants. In his post on Pajamas Media, J. Christian Adams, makes a clear point about equality in enforcement of our laws:

The best thing that could happen from the ugly New Black Panthers dismissal and public revelation of the truth is for the Department to change course. The outrage I have heard in hundreds of emails and in calls from around the nation tell me Americans value equal enforcement of the law as much as they cherish the right to vote without men with weapons shouting racial slurs at them. Equality and the right to vote are sacred partners.

If these hearings prompt the Department to reconsider the institutional hostility to equal enforcement of voting laws, then it will be a great day for America. We will all be able to exhale and declare: “Thank goodness they finally followed the law.” If it took attention for them to change course, we can all agree the attention was good.

Not surprisingly, the Philadelphia Inquirer makes no mention of this blockbuster of a story on today’s (7/7/10) front page (see photo below). Then again, this paper endorsed candidate Obama, the journalists employed at the Inq (save one) do not have the courage to speak truth to power when the politician has a ‘D’ dangling after their name. Oh, note that there is no mention of the world’s worst ecological disaster on the front page as well. How far will the Inquirer and its journalist compromise their credibility in order to carry water for Obama and his administration?

Front Page Philly Inquirer


DOJ Racial Bias in Black Panther Case


J. Christian Adams, testifying Tuesday before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, said that “over and over and over again,” the department showed “hostility” toward those cases. He described the Black Panther case as one example of that — he defended the legitimacy of the suit and said his “blood boiled” when he heard a Justice official claim the case wasn’t solid.


Sunday With Ferris

Okay..technically it is Monday.

Back Channels – Panther case dismissal needs explanation

For those new to the story – a brief recap:  J. Christian Adams recently resigned from the Department of Justice due to widespread hostility to the equal enforcement of the law.  Kevin points out the real issue in this scandal and it is something for every American to have concerns about:

In a follow-up article for the website Pajamas Media on Monday, Adams cited other cases, in Texas and Connecticut, showing the department’s “hostility toward race-neutral enforcement of the civil rights laws.”

The Justice Department fired back last week, saying in a statement that ” … it is regrettable when a former department attorney distorts the facts and makes baseless allegations to promote his or her agenda.”

I understand that some view the Panther incident as an unimportant blip on a historic election day. I get not wanting to make too much of an insignificant gang of thugs. But the message the Justice Department sends about hate groups and equal enforcement is important.

It is travesty of racial equality if this proves to be true, this administration would be guilty of knocking race relations back to the age of segregation. Sadly, the same party that controls the White House, Congress, and the Senate has found a place in the party structure for Jerry Jackson. He is the tall black panther brandishing a billy club and threatening the videographer.  During primary races in February,  Jerry Jackson won a committee seat within the Philly democrat party. One has to ask – is this the type of individual that is welcome in the ‘big tent’ of the Democrat party? Apparently so.

BlackPanther Democrat Committeeperson

Megan Kelly at Fox News interviewed J. Christian Adams. The Department of Justice is refusing to prosecute cases of voter intimidation if the defendant is black and the victim is white:



Obama seeks to reconnect with young people – African Americans, Lations and Women via the #RaceCard appeal.

All three groups, once they voted for Obama, were quickly screwed over by the Obama administration.  Now he wants them back for the November landslide election.


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Oh No! Obamacare is NOT Free!

Someone better tell GloZell.  Can’t wait to see her reaction when she is forced to purchase insurance for her and her seven rug rats or face jail time.  How many times have you attended a townhall or Kill the Bill rally and have been treated to a healthcare sob story. These despondent obamacare supporters are quick to share the cost of the medication needed to sustain their life and how it is impossible for them to afford the medication:

What goes without saying is their near religious believe that Obamacare will take this hardship away from them and never again will they have to pay for medication.  The problem is – they are living in a fantasy of their own making regarding Obamacare. In the real world, they will be forced to purchase a health care plan more expensive than they are now and will have to pay additional fees for specialized medication.

Obamacare Myth of the Century – Free healthcare for all

Questions reflecting confusion have flooded insurance companies, doctors’ offices, human resources departments and business groups.

“They’re saying, ‘Where do we get the free Obama care, and how do I sign up for that?’ ” said Carrie McLean, a licensed agent for eHealthInsurance.com. The California-based company sells coverage from 185 health insurance carriers in 50 states.

McLean said the call center had been inundated by uninsured consumers who were hoping that the overhaul would translate into instant, affordable coverage. That widespread misconception may have originated in part from distorted rhetoric about the legislation bubbling up from the hyper-partisan debate about it in Washington and some media outlets, such as when opponents denounced it as socialism.

We tell them it’s not free, that there are going to be things in place that help people who are low-income, but that ultimately most of that is not going to be taking place until 2014,” McLean said.

Repeal, Defund, Replace, Reform…repeat as necessary until November 6th 2012


One Year Later

It has been one year since President Bush left the White House.  In the space of a year, the nation has come to realize the real measure of this man as the current administration quietly follows in his footsteps.

Andrew Breitbart  - Rethinking Bush

A year after he left office, it looks more and more like others will now not only start appreciating our 43rd president, they might start wishing they helped him when he had the toughest job in the world and they could only wish him ill.

Once again: thanks, President Bush.

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