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Shut Down Playlist

While Dems attempt to ban WW2 veterans from the WW2 Memorial – I’m thinking ‘Armageddon it”

While Nancy Peolsi refuses straight up funding for veteran’s benefits – I’m humming “Promises, Promises”

Oh the horror! Elevator button pushers on The Hill have been deemed non-essential. Seriously? Who are these people who need elevator button pushers to get from one floor to the next? Really..Who Are You?

While the political class push a partial shut down of the U.S. government instead of taking serious steps towards a compromise in the CR, the rest of America asks “Why”…

Let’s fund our government and pause in implimenting any type of health care reform until we have more impartial leaders in all three branches of our government.

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One response to “Shut Down Playlist

  1. Trevor Hilton

    I hope for the next election we can play “Won’t be fooled again”.

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