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News Bites


This coming days will be a busy ones for me. I’m looking forward to attending Close Encounters..with M. Night Shyamalan – clips and conversation with Carrie Rickey tomorrow night at the Perelman  theater.  I’m looking forward to learning new stuff during this event and writing about it on the blog.  During the weekend, I’ve a 10 mile training run scheduled and I’m adopting a dog on Sunday. Also, did you know it is the season for pickling cucumbers and beets?  Let me tell you, there is nothing like a good pickled beet salad. Anyone who tells you differently is an idiot.

I’ve a lot on my plate in the upcoming days, yet the world still turns and drama occurs daily.  While I’m out living life, here are a few news items that have caught my attention. Feel free to leave your thoughts on this topics in the comment section.

1. Some data points to think about regarding DOMA – via The Foundry.  There is way too much rhetoric being flung about regarding DOMA and the SCOTUS ruling. I want to inject a bit of measured data into this discussion, also I want my readers to have access to reasoned facts instead of flaming rhetoric.

50        The number of states whose marriage laws remain the same after the Court’s marriage decisions.

38        The number of states with laws defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman. That includes California, where the scope of today’s Prop 8 decision beyond the specific plaintiffs will be the subject of ongoing debate and, most likely, further litigation.

12        The number of states that can now force the federal government to recognize their redefinition of marriage. The Court struck Section 3 of DOMA, which means that it must recognize same-sex marriages in states that redefine marriage.

1          The number of sections of the Defense of Marriage Act struck down yesterday (Section 3). Section 2, which ensures that no state will be forced to recognize another state’s redefinition of marriage, is still law.

0          The number of states forced to recognize other states’ redefinition of marriage.

The important news you may not be hearing is that the U.S. Supreme Court did not redefine marriage across the nation. That means the debate about marriage will continue. States are free to uphold policies recognizing that marriage is the union of a man and a woman, so that children have a mother and a father.

2. Regarding the SCOTUS decision on Prop8 – I am troubled – not by the content of Prop 8 but the undermining of basic democratic self governance. The people of California voted for Prop8 twice and their will should be respected by all. Equality cannot be forced, it must be earned. That is the ugly marketing truth the gay and lesbian community have not learned as of yet.  Inexplicably.

3. So who, outside the dayside producers of MSNBC, didn’t see this confirmation coming? IRS auditor reconfirms conservative groups, not liberal groups were targeted by the IRS.    It seems the IRS is truly the bogeyman we all loath and fear.  Now would be a good time to start discussion on how to reign in and defang this beast.

4. What in the name of physics is causing this ancient Egyptian statue to rotate? I’m hoping one of my NSA watchers could anonymously comment on why this is happening.  Don’t worry, I won’t tell :)


5.  ICYMI – It appears a pork laden amnesty bill passed Senate scrutiny today and all reports point to it being DOA in the House.

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2 responses to “News Bites

  1. Trevor Hilton

    Oklahoma bans homosexual marriage. Strange how homosexuals claim to be winning when about 2/3 of the states still ban their marriage.

    Strange how homosexuals claim Christians are “forcing our beliefs” on them by banning their marriage, but a homosexual judge can overturn a bill that was passed by the people TWICE!

    I think that statue is responding to floor vibrations. It’s apparent it only moves when people are walking near it. That shelf must slope slightly to the back.

  2. neocon

    How was the M. Night Shyamalan event?

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