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LightRoom 5 Mini Review


For the past two weeks I’ve been tinkering with a beta version of LightRoom 5.  Using the Adobe TV tutorials by Julieanne Kost, I discovered two tools that really stand out with my editing process in LightRoom. Let me present Radial Gradient and the Upright tool.  Below are screen shots of LightRoom5 beta where I’m using both of these tools to edit a photo taken at Longwood Garden.

Radial Gradient. What is this? Adobe describes this tool as a way to “emphasize important parts of your image with more flexibility and control. The Radial Gradient tool lets you create off-center vignette effects, or multiple vignetted areas within a single image.”


Straighten tool alows photographers to “Straighten tilted images with a single click. The new Upright™ tool analyzes images and detects skewed horizontal and vertical lines, even straightening shots where the horizon is hidden.”



Also, after two years of working with LightRoom software I figured out the difference between Folders and Collections. Quick learner that I am.

Based on the amazing editing work I’ve done using just these two tools, I’ve made the decision to upgrade to LR5.  If you are looking for a robust photo editor that gives you room to grow your photography skills, look no further than LightRoom 5.

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2 responses to “LightRoom 5 Mini Review

  1. Dale Light

    You might have sold me on this. Gotta think about it though.

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