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Boston Marathon Bombing

Statement from the Boston Athletic Association
Monday, April 15, 2013
8:00 p.m. ET

The Boston Athletic Association extends its deepest sympathies to all those who were affected in any way by today’s events.

Today is a sad day for the City of Boston, for the running community, and for all those who were here to enjoy the 117th running of the Boston Marathon. What was intended to be a day of joy and celebration quickly became a day in which running a marathon was of little importance.

We can confirm that all of the remaining runners who were out on the course when the tragic events unfolded have been returned to a community meeting area.

At this time, runners’ bags in Boston which remain unclaimed may be picked up by runners presenting their bib number or proof of race participation on Berkeley Street, between St. James and Boylston. There are no bags at 101 Arlington Street.

At this time, we are cooperating with the City of Boston, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and all federal law enforcement officials.

We would like to thank the countless people from around the world who have reached out to support us today.

Please go to the B.A.A. Facebook page –
http://facebook.com/thebostonmarathon — for information.
We post new information as we are able.

Today three people, including an 8 year-old child, lost their lives and hundreds more wounded when two bombs detonated at the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon. My entire heart goes out to the victims and their families. I cannot pretend to understand their loss.  I would like to acknowledge the bravery of average Americans who ran toward the bomb aftermath to help rescue those wounded and potentially reduced the number of casualties.

I’m going to hold off on speculation of what person or group is responsible for this vile attack while the story is still evolving.  Also, I’m not going to post graphic images showing bloody people and missing limbs that are floating around the internet.

My good blogging buddy, John Ruberry, has run the Boston Marathon three times and has posted his reflection on the attack today in Boston.  The Boston Marathon is the premier running event of the year. It is a  marathon in which runners are required to have run a previous marathon within a certain time frame set forth by Boston Marathon organizers.  You do not buy a bib for Boston, you earn it.  It sometimes takes years to achieve a BQ (Boston Qualifying) time in a marathon making the Boston Marathon even more irresistible to runners.   As of today, I’m no where near BQ  times, however, I have a plan to incrementally bring my half marathon and full marathon times within BQ striking distance this year.  Step by step I will get to Boston.

Whoever is responsible for this bloody attack picked the wrong group of people – runners are masters of perseverance and battling adversities; challenges only make us stronger. The fools who support this tragedy can laugh and cheer all they want, they don’t know that they have already lost.

In two weeks time, I’ll be in Washington, DC to run the inaugural Nike Women’s Half Marathon. The following Sunday I’m scheduled for Philly’s Broad Street 10 mile run where I hope to PR.

I am a runner, I will not let fear dictate my life and will continue to train and run distance runs until I can no longer run.  Bombers be damned.







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7 responses to “Boston Marathon Bombing

  1. neocon
  2. Trevor Hilton

    This message left during the Oklahoma City Bombing says it all.


  3. says:

    glad you weren’t there Skye, I know that event is a dream of yours. One of the first things I checked was that you hadn’t posted that you were attending.

  4. Trish

    Tania, we know you will make it there one day! Keep up the spirit strong lady, and let’s hope that whoever did that is brought to justice fast!

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