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Post #Nemo Snow Photos

2-3 inches of snow fell overnight in Philly courtesy of Nemo. This morning I gathered Buster for a long walk in Pennypack Park near Fox Chase Farm and snapped a few photos as well.

Enjoy the snowy wonderland goodness of the park.


Shelter from #Nemo

Buster the snow dog!

Buster with Full Winter Coat #Nemo

A well run path along Fox Chase farm:

Snow #Nemo


Park Bench with a plaque dedicated to Tom Williams –  To look down upon those still tethered to the earth and know the sweet pleasures of another point of view. Tom Williams enjoyed this park

Snow Bench #Nemo

Now that we had our required snow storm of the season, the only question I have is when comes Spring?

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4 responses to “Post #Nemo Snow Photos

  1. Trevor Hilton

    Oklahoma is having an unusually warm winter so far. One snow around Christmas is all we’ve had. The bad side of that is we’re having the worst drought since the Dust Bowl.

    • Tania

      Drought? Really? I thought by electing ‘The One’ the seas would lower and the planet would begin to heal? Snow around Christmas is all I require. I’m hoping this is last ‘snow-mageddon’ before Spring arrives.

  2. says:

    Great photos of all the remants of that gloBULL warming! Glad y’all didn’t get the massive snow that they got further up East.

  3. says:

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