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Photography Notes

Wow! It’s February already and time is flying by. I want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in my blog survey in January.  I took the opportunity to begin reviewing the data during the power outage during the Super Bowl game and hope to have a summary report of the responses by next week.

Recently, I’ve been toying around with the idea of creating my own camera obscura – commonly known as a Pinhole Camera. I’ve an idea to take long (months long) exposure of the sky in my backyard. Not sure how well it will work but it seems to be a cool photo project.

 Of course the set up and results will be blogged here.

Speaking of long exposure photography – Cool Long Exposure Photography via Digital Rev:

What photo gear I invested in recently: B+W 77mm ND 3.0-1,000X with Single Coating (110)

Source: amazon.com via Tania on Pinterest



I’m really looking forward to learning the ropes of long exposure landscape shooting this month.

Happy snapping, everyone!

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One response to “Photography Notes

  1. neocon

    Here is a much better link that discusses using a black glass NDP –


    A cheaper way to go is use an extra body cap attached to your dSLR. You cut out a hole then get sheet metal and drill out an even smaller hole. Spray with black paint and open up the clogged hole. A quick Google search will provide a more complete discussion on the subject.

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