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NYC Photowalk

It’s not January without scheduling a photowalk daytrip to the Big Apple – New York City.

#marblecam Chrysler building -NYC

This year Trish, Patience and I traveled to NYC with no particular plan outside of wandering around Times Square and taking photos as we go along. Fall marathon training had taken up much of my free time leaving me itching for a good photowalk. What better place to scratch that itch than NYC. It is a glorious mass of skyscrapers, concrete, shady parks and 8 million people. The hustle of the crowds never intimidates me, on the contrary, I want to explore every nook and cranny of this city. Sadly, I only had a few hours – so I made the most of my time.

All photos except for the one above were taken with my trusty Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5.

Photos under the cut…

Here we find Lady Liberty lowering her beacon-hand during a sit down in Times Square.

Even Lady Liberty Needs a Sit Down

On so many levels, this is just wrong.


I’ve heard the dumplings are tasty. Even Lady Liberty agrees.

Rickshaw Dumplings...Yum!

One of the more interesting tourist attractions at Times Square – The Naked (sort of) Cowboy.

It Must Be Times Square - The Naked Cowboy

Everything has a cost at Times Square, but it seems no one appeared interested in ‘Free Hugs’.

Free Hugs

First time visit to the Empire State Building and unfortunately Cary Grant was not available to meet me at the observation deck.

As the sun set..

Sunset on NYC

The city turned on its lights. Oh. My. God.

Gotham at Night

Breathtaking views from the 86th floor observation deck. There was strong wind circling about as I snapped these photos, and at one point, I tied my camera strap to my arm. This was also a great place to people watch as by evening the deck was filled with every nationality taking in the magnificent views. I think I fell in love with this city a little bit more.

NYC at Night

At Penn Station, I picked up some nutritional supplies for the journey back home. I find it quite amusing (not really) that the Mayor of NYC, Mike Bloomberg banned 30 oz sugary drinks to combat obesity yet still allows one to purchase a six pack of delicious cupcakes. I does defeat his war on obesity, no?


A few hours of a photo walk in NYC recharged batteries that had been drained and I look forward to my next visit to NYC – hopefully for a half marathon!

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