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Jake Tapper – The OutPost – The Untold Story of American Valor

Tania meets Jake Tapper

On Thursday evening I had the opportunity to listen as Jake Tapper as he described his inspiration and experience in writing his latest book, The OutPost – The Untold Story of American Valor.

The book describes a 2009 battle at Compound Outpost Keating (COP Keating) in remote Kamdesh, Afghanistan where 58 American soldiers prevailed against nearly 400 taliban terrorists. Eight American soldiers lost their lives protecting the outpost and their fellow soldiers during this battle.  The novel shares the compelling and largely unknown story of COP Keating and the soldiers who served at the outpost.

Jake described how the idea for the book came to him – he caught a brief news clip of the attack while in hospital holding his newborn son and the questions soon began.  He also shared his detailed research that went into the making of this book; making sure to carefully review sections with those he interviewed.  This was a good reminder of the power of due diligence during the writing process and the hallmark of a good journalist.

As he described the background history of this outpost and the battle itself, I kept having thoughts that I had previously heard of this untold story but could not recall any specific detail to confirm these thoughts.  It turns out I did read of this battle on an awesome milblog called This Ain’t Hell when Jonn reported on the battle in 2009.  While national media was barely covering the battle in October of 2009,  milbloggers at The Burn Pitwere organizing the Combat Outpost Keating Relief Fund.  It was a resounding success for the surviving soldiers of COP Keating with Target donating matching funds to this cause and bloggers going public with their thanks.  Milbloggers are a special group of people and I’m happy to know these soldiers were not completely abandoned when they arrived back home.  I strongly believe we need to know the full story of our involvement in Afghanistan and The Outpost makes a great contribution to our story of Afghanistan. Get your copy today!

Awesome photo credit: Richard Chaitt

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4 responses to “Jake Tapper – The OutPost – The Untold Story of American Valor

  1. neocon

    Excellent coverage of this event.

  2. says:

    Jake is OK. He’s one of the few outside Fox News that will dare to ask the Obama White House any hardhitting questions. It doesn’t matter that he never gets an honest answer, at least he asks the question.

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