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This is NOT What Democracy Looks Like

This is what a thuggish regime looks like.

Whether you agree with Right To Work legislation or not, violence and the incitement of violence is the debate tactic of cowards.  I love a good spirited debate, our country has  rich tradition of publicly airing diverse opinions.  Bring your facts, I’ll have mine and when the dust settles we will live to debate another day.  As a blogger, I am fiercely protective of the right to express opinions, not only for myself but for any blogger regardless of their political stripe. The actions today in outside Michigan’s state capitol building by disgruntled union members does more than damage a tent, it threatens our wonderful heritage of free expression of diverse opinions. I don’t care where you stand on this issue but I do care that everyone can freely express their thoughts without the specter of violence.

It drives me to distraction that politicians or progressive grass root organizers so easily slip into violent rhetoric to push their agenda. Words have power and it is so easy to use this power to push a divisive agenda.  I’m fully aware of the impact of my words on this blog and within my social media ecosystem.  My intent is to provide useful content and build a network of open minded, intelligent dreamers.  I thoroughly enjoy helping people find their inner voice and share their wit, wisdom and talent on the web. Ultimately,  I want my online presence to encourage people to speak their truth without fear of violence.

The politicians and activists today who pushed violence today need to be held accountable for their actions. Below the cut are videos from today’s mele on Michigan.

The Washington Examiner posts a video of a reckless statement from Democrat State Representative Douglas Geiss  in which he threatens ‘there will be blood‘ in response to the passage of Right To Work legislation  he vehemently opposed.


Michigan House Dems quickly retweeted Democrat Rep Geiss ‘there will be blood’ quote then quickly deleted it but not before it was screen capped and preserved as evidence.

A short while later, violence occurred and blood was shed when union members opposed to the new legislation and using knives tore down a tent which housed supporters of the Right To Work legislation.

Steven Crowder was present in the tent and found himself being assaulted by  union members opposed to RTW.

Indeed, this is the 21st century Battle of the Overpass, only this time unions are the thugs.

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