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Who Says Political Elections Can’t Be Fun?

David Axelrod has promised to shave his well known mustache if any one of three specified states do not go for Obama on Tuesday.  I love this idea! What a  fun way to bring some levity to the serious business of presidential elections.  We need more of this and less heated rhetoric during election season.

Three states in the wager are:


November 4 – Michigan is showing a tie between Romney and Obama.
November 4: Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has the candidates tied at 47%
November 3: Minnesota – It is a toss up.

It’s anyone’s game at this point, and we will know in two short days if Axelrod will be parting with his long-time mustache.

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One response to “Who Says Political Elections Can’t Be Fun?

  1. says:

    You going to share some of your photos from the Bucks County Romney rally?

    As for David Axelrod. I don’t care if he shaves his mustache or his head. I just want him to GO AWAY! And if we take PA that will happen!


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