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Day of the Dead

The beginning of November ushers in a remembrance of those who have departed this life. Call it Day of the Dead or All Souls Day, it is time set aside to remember those lost to us. What better way to reflect on the passing of loved ones is to plan a visit Laurel Hill Cemetery located in sunny Philadelphia.

Setting A Soul Free

Laurel Hill Cemetery is one of few cemeteries designated as a National Historic Landmark. Established in 1836, the designers had three unique requirements – it had to be situated in a picturesque location well outside the city; that it had no religious affiliation; and that it provided a permanent burial space for the dead in a restful and tranquil setting.

Not Changed but Glorified

Laurel Hill was designed not only as a cemetery open to all faiths, but a picturesque retreat for the living. The cemetery overlooks the winding Schuylkill river, the amphitheater design of the cemetery was designed around the views of the Schuylkill river.

Weeping Woman Memorial

What is a cemetery without any ghost stories? Legend says she lost her child in the Schuylkill river running below the cemetery and now spends eternity morning and searching for her lost child.

Dr. Hugh Mercer

General Meade and thirty-nine other Civil War-era generals reside here, in addition to six Titanic passengers.

Crushed Hope

This memorial to a lost daughter gets me every time. It is dedicated to Blanche, only and beloved child of Louis R and Louise C Stille. The side of this heartbreaking memorial depicts an unwritten scroll with two words engraved at the top – ‘Crushed Hopes’. Ohhh, that hurts to look.

Enjoy my little slideshow from Laurel Hill Cemetery:

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