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Romney vs Obama – The Final Debate

Gathering of Eagles

The final debate between Republican challenger Mitt Romney and incumbent President, Barack Obama airs tonight. The topic of tonight’s debate will focus on foreign policy. Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida will host the final debate. The moderator scheduled for this debate is Bob Schieffer, host of Face the Nation on CBS.

This debate is one that can be lost by either participant. Mitt Romney returns with two sterling debate performances and election momentum on his side. The incumbent, Barack Obama, needs to cover a lot of ground to catch up and overtake the Romney momentum.

The wild card in this race will be the moderator. It will be interesting to note how Bob Schieffer manages this debate in light of Candy Crowley’s biased interference.

FYI: Popcorn and chocolate almond milk are the official food of tonight’s debate.

Let me know your thoughts about the final debate in the comment section. I will most likely leave only a brief review as I have an early morning running engagement.

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One response to “Romney vs Obama – The Final Debate

  1. Kevin

    Schieffer did fine, other than laughing at Obama’s too-many-TV-ads joke at the end. He was more involved than Lehrer, but not misleading like Crowley. Romney caught him in a bad question about Israel calling with bombers on the way, which was impressive. I wish Obama would’ve had to answer that first. Schieffer also brought up the imprisoned doctor who helped get Bin Laden, which was nice, though both candidates left him hanging. Ugh. Diplomacy.

    I don’t think Romney did all that well in the last debate, but he won this one on pretty much all levels. Romney defined “Apology Tour” well. And he was wise not to get into Benghazi again since Obama would have evaded and confused the issue with more reparsing and his usual dissonance.

    Obama couldn’t really respond to Romney’s criticisms of his record, so he focused on strawmen from Romney’s past statements. Almost every time they collided on the facts, Romney was correct. Except maybe whether the Navy wants more ships, as Romney claimed.

    People are making hay over that sarcastic response by Obama about horse and buggies and bayonets being a smack down, but he evaded the point which is whether the Navy said they needed more ships to carry out their mission, as Romney claimed. Obama seemed to change the subject and all the fact checkers have gone with him. He also seemed oddly well prepared to respond to that charge by Romney.

    Overall, Romney may have been too deferential, missing some opportunities to rub in the president’s failures, but that’s a better extreme than Obama’s arrogant sarcasm and insults, in my opinion.

    Rating debates is funny, because I never know if I should rate their performance as a debater or the validity of their argument since I might know more facts to impeach a candidate than the average undecided viewer. Ace made a fun argument for the latter recently. In either case, though, I think Romney won this one, and he’ll win the election. Alas, I might be biased. :)

    Hey, chocolate almond milk! :) Freshly milked from organic, free range chocolate almonds, no doubt.

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