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Rather Alarming News

Post inspired by a photo of the Sigma Telephoto 200-500mm F2/8 lens.

The British Royal birthday suit scandal has been in the news of late.  The latest news has the German/Danish gossip magazine Seg og Hor playing a game of will they or won’t they publish bottomless photos of the Duchess as she sunbathed with her husband, Prince William.

What Kate and William are going through is not new news. In the late nineties, Aftonbladet – a Swedish gossip magazine printed photos of the Danish Crown Jewels during a summer holiday at a private chateau in the south of France. I don’t believe it was the same chateau featured in the Will and Kate photo session.

 I really don’t care why royalty feel the need to get their kit off during a summer holiday at a private chateau in the south of France and I don’t need to see photo evidence of this activity.  Who cares. They share the same anatomical features as the rest of humanity.

Two things alarm me with the Birthday Suit scandal:

1. The photos were taken from at least a half mile away in a underpopulated area. It’s one thing to see the paparazzi snapping photos while you sunbath, quite another when they are so far away from sight. What if that was a high powered rifle, instead of a camera lens?  This is a real security concern for any public figure.  The royal family is in the process of  suing publishers who print the photos, but to what end?  Sending such a message in the age of digital photography is almost a moot point.

2. Of all the royalty, Will and Kate should have the most highly tuned radar for PDA (public displays of affection). Diana’s famous battles with intrusive press and Kate’s lawsuits against the press while she was dating William should have forged between them a strong working strategy against intrusive photos.  The take home message for both of them – nowhere outside is secluded and private. An exception might be Germany in the near future.

In other alarming news, thousands of Germans demonstrate for a permanent wealth tax on people’s wealth. Imagine how quickly ‘wealthy’ people in Germany will relocate elsewhere. This mass migration could open up great swaths of land for young royals to holiday and sunbath in the nude with no intrusive photos.

What are your thoughts on the age of digital photography and privacy?

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2 responses to “Rather Alarming News

  1. Trevor Hilton

    “What if that was a high powered rifle, instead of a camera lens?”
    My off-the-shelf Savage Model 110 rifle in .30-’06 caliber will shoot a half-mile accurately with no problem at all. Where was their security? The late, great Carlos Hathcock, the greatest sniper in the Vietnam War with 93 confirmed kills and hundreds of “probables”, used an off-the-shelf Winchester Model 70 with a special-built sniper scope.

  2. Kevin

    I think it’s unreasonable to expect basic security to prevent assassination by high powered rifles. If their lives were in danger, they should be in the panic room of a safe house.

    It’s also unreasonable to expect them to live their lives indoors. Ownership of such celebrity photos taken in spite of a reasonable expectation of privacy should belong to Kate, so that neither the paparazzi nor any publisher may profit from them without her permission.

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