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Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Upheld

Judge Robert Simpson in Commonwealth Court upheld Pennsylvania’s Voter ID law.  Every Committee person in the state let out a collective groan at the amount of chaos that may be kicked up on election day.

Although this is the right step to take in wake of massive voter fraud reported by  Philadelphia City Commissioner Al Schmidt. , if the DOJ does not block this law, the implementation will be rocky. Yet it will be worth the effort for fairer elections for all in Pennsylvania.

Just as a reminder to PA readers, here is a list of  the acceptable identifications for the November election.


Acceptable PHOTO IDs include:
•    A PA driver’s license: currently valid or expired less than 12 months.
•    An ID issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT): currently valid or expired less than 12 months.
•    A currently valid U.S. passport. Expired passports will not be accepted.
•    An active duty or retired U.S. military ID, including an ID for members of the PA National Guard: an indefinite expiration date will be accepted.
•    A currently valid military dependent’s ID. Expired IDs will not be accepted.
•    A currently valid employee ID issued by federal, PA, PA county or PA municipal government. Expired IDs will not be accepted.
•    A currently valid ID issued by a PA university, college, seminary, community college or two-year college to students, faculty, employees and alumni. Expired IDs will not be accepted.
•    A currently valid ID issued by a PA care facility (such as a long-term care nursing facility, assisted living residence or a personal care home). Expired IDs will not be accepted.





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One response to “Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Upheld

  1. says:

    3 Cheers for PA. Glad to see they are sticking to their guns on this…Jan Brewer of AZ is another one….we need to defeat Obama in November, and a legal voter ID is the only way to get around the fraud…Great Post.

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