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2012 SheROX Triathlon – UPDATE!


Photo credit: tompoe – flickr

From Runner to Triathlete in 2:15:17!

What a great day to be a triathlete. I want to thank all my running buddies and photo friends who took time out of their busy schedule to cheer me on during this event.  Your cheers kept me going and I will ever be grateful for your support today.

Yes, I did promise a race recap and one shall be posted tomorrow, tonight I want to savor my accomplishment.

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4 responses to “2012 SheROX Triathlon – UPDATE!

  1. AndyN

    (I hope it’s not too stalker-ish that I couldn’t resist checking the results)

  2. Tom Puhalski

    Savoring the moment is required !!

  3. Mike

    Just saw some of the photos on Pinterest. Nice.

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