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Triathlon Training – What it Takes to Complete a Triathlon

Blissdom 2012

Whirlwind Week!

Seriously, the above photo is a great visual representation of this week. If I seem quiet on the interwebs this week here is a peek at what is going on this week – Sunday through Sunday.  Note: This is in addition to my typical 50 hour/week work schedule (40 hours + 10 hours commute time).

  • Triathlon Brick clinic Sunday
  • Goals Fitness Bootcamp – M/W/F
  • Triathlon Tips for Success – Monday night
  • Swimming clinic – Wed/Fri
  • Garden visit by judges from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Center – Thursday evening.  I’ve one shot to really impress the judges with my organic garden and sustainable practices – NO FREAKING PRESSURE!
  • Brick (potentially) on Saturday and a visit to my hair stylist.
  • Open water swim clinic – Sunday
Repeat till Triathlon race day.

I plan on safely completing a Sprint Triathlon. Accomplishing this goal means setting aside a big chunk of my life for training. I’m not complaining, the experience has been great so far and I’m happy with the progress I’ve made.

Remember –  there is no magic berry or mandate that can substitute the work required to complete a Triathlon or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You make it happen. 

Happy Training!

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One response to “Triathlon Training – What it Takes to Complete a Triathlon

  1. Trevor Hilton

    Sheesh! Don’t forget to schedule time to eat, sleep, take an occasional shower, and go to Church.

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