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Check Out Bia – A GPS Sports Watch for Women

Always on the lookout for new fitness technology, I came across this Kickstarter project a few weeks ago. Two friends and athletes came up with a sports watch designed for women in training – much like myself.

Bia – A GPS Sports Watch for Women

This is watch you can use running, biking AND swimming. It includes a unique, or at least I’ve not seen this feature elsewhere, safety alert for peace of mind during solo workouts.  This concept and technology interests me as I am now fully immersed in multi-sport training.  Currently, I own two sport watches – one for running (Nike+) and one for cycling (Garmin 405cx).

Added features include:

  • Safety alert for peace of mind on solo workouts
  • Quick-connect GPS; no more time wasted “finding satellites”
  • Data to your online training log; no more time wasted “sync’ing”
  • iPod-like ease of use; just one button and a touchscreen
  • Water resistance to 100M; full GPS tracking when you swim

In order for this product to market, they need to raise $400,000 dollars by July 13th. If they come in short, even by 1 dollar, you won’t be billed for your pledge, but we also won’t get any funding. As a backer, you will be the first to have Bia on your wrist.

About the name ‘Bia’ – Bia is the greek goddess of force and power; she is also Nike’s younger sister.

Want to back this project? Click HERE


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2 responses to “Check Out Bia – A GPS Sports Watch for Women

  1. gawaine

    I assume “quick-connect” really means it remembers where you were last time – the GPS signal has a couple of things in it that only fully repeat every twelve minutes, which is why most GPS’s don’t bother showing you something until they’re sure. The way most of them get around waiting the whole period is to wait until they’ve got enough – like someone who listens to the first part of the joke before realizing they already know the punchline. That usually takes more battery, though, since it has to remember even when you’re not actively using it.

    You don’t “connect” to a GPS satellite at all – they’re like high tech lighthouses, you just see them, they don’t see you.

    All for the product, it looks cool, and I like Kickstarter – but be wary of the marketing spin.

    • says:

      Hi, this is Cheryl from Bia. Actually we are not enabling “quick connect” the way you describe. That’s what Garmin does, and it pretty much sucks as you know. Bia contains a 2G GSM chip and uses GSM-assist through the cell towers to start tracking quicker while your device is searching for satellites.

      This same GSM connection is what powers the SOS safety alert and real time race tracking. We are the only GPS sports watch that provides this.

      DCRainmaker actually did a very nice pre-review of our device and like the GSM connectivity quite a bit. He also backed my project (I think his wife made him do it)

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