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A Conversation 20 Years in the Making

This is one of those concepts where you wish you had thought to do this when you were twelve…or maybe not…

 A twelve  year old boy creates a video message for himself to view in 20 years.  The 32 year old man responds to his twelve year old self and makes one of the most hilarious videos of the year.

Frak, Frak, Frak! Why did I not think of this, then again, thinking back 20 years it may not have been a great idea..just sayin.

P.S. ‘Frak’ is not a defined curse word, so don’t get all rule nazi on me, okay.

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3 responses to “A Conversation 20 Years in the Making

  1. Trevor Hilton

    Twenty years ago I was a student at Oklahoma State University (GO COWBOYS!) I can think of a few things I wish I could change.

    About the word “frack”, I don’t mind you using it as long as you remember “Heck” is where you’ll go if you don’t believe in Gosh.

  2. Tania

    Oh frak! :)

    Love the concept of this video, Trevor.

  3. says:

    That was so cool! He was and is a creative insightful person. Wow, that was terrific, thanks for sharing it Tania.

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