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2012 Independence Hall Occupation

Introducing ‘Occupy Unmasked‘. Let’s start with what we know about this group. You can read my early posts on Philly Occupation HERE

Philadelphia was chosen to be the site of a national conference (General Assembly).  What the city has been enduring  a tattered band of roving fringe activists trying to annoy as many Philadelphia residents and visitors as possible.  Organizing marches during rush hour traffic in the city endears you to exactly NO ONE.

Yesterday, 26 Occupation supporters were arrested during a protest outside our beautiful convention center. Again, this activity does not garner public sympathy, just arrest warrants. *sigh*

On Sunday, I paid a visit to Independence Mall and met up with a small band of Occupation supporters. As in the past, I found scattered and incoherent messaging. It was interesting to note the group seemed filled with far more middle aged participants than last year with the overwhelming majority being Caucasian.

Unilateral Colors of Occupy

As I have often stated – their message is at best circuitous.

Clearly Mixed Messages

I mingled with the crowd, video taped an open mic speech and photographed as I liked. Local news outlets have not shown as much interest in the nity grity of this occupation in their reporting.

Below is a Flickr photo set from my visit with the occupation:

As always, I report, you decide.

Video to come soon!


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One response to “2012 Independence Hall Occupation

  1. Trevor Hilton

    Occupy Oklahoma City was more of a nuisance than anything else. They also believed that they should be able to pollute Kerr Park (donated to the city by the giant Kerr-McGee Petroleum Co. How’s that for irony?) without paying the city.

    Also, why are looney leftwing liberals incapable of saying a complete sentance without profanity?

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