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SCOTUS Validates The Largest Tax Increase in American History – AKA – Obamacare

Stunning verdict from the Supreme Court today, now the repeal of this ginormous tax increase will be decided in November. I was hoping we didn’t have to solely depend upon the November election to get this done but that is how the cookie crumbled today.

There have been a variety of responses to this verdict. Below the cut are a sampling of the responses I’ve encountered across the web:

Via Ben Howe

Let us not forget the words of incumbent PA State Senator Casey, Jr – 1/6/10

“We would make health insurance more affordable for Americans and small businesses, end abuses by the insurance companies that deny care and promote choice and competition.” (Senator Bob Casey, “Sen. Casey: Senate Passage Of Health Care Reform A Major Step Forward For Pennsylvania, American People,” Press Release, 1/6/10)

Today, SCOTUS validated Obamacare as one big tax increase. So much for the affordability touted by Casey.

Tom Smith, the Republican challenger send out a press release following the SCOTUS verdict – Time to Repeal and Replace.

Feel free to donate to his campaign HERE

Now that people know the truth about Obamacare henceforth known as Obamatax, look what happend hours after the verdict was announced:

Source: Uploaded by user via Tania on Pinterest

November 6, 2012 – Day One, Job One

No word on how much the DNC has raised post SCOTUS verdict. However, the Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee response to the SCOTUS verdict is as follows:

FYT – SCOTUS just confirmed Obamacare is indeed a tax – and taxes can be repealed and or cut.

Mike’s America reminds readers of the broken promises by this administration.

Sunshine State Sarah reminds us of what fueled the 2010 election cycle:

 Anger against Obamacare, along with its incredible increase in wasteful spending, overreaching government intrusiveness, and explosive growth in bureaucracies, was the fuel that fed the tea party fire in the 2010 elections.

Sounds similar today,  November is going to be very interesting. I’m even toying with the idea that  Tom Smith has a good shot in Pennsylvania thanks to this ruling and Casey’s support of Obamatax. I will be keeping a closer eye on this Senate race.

American Power sees the grassroots galvanized for November.

Heritage Foundation and Senator Jim DeMint lays out the way forward:

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3 responses to “SCOTUS Validates The Largest Tax Increase in American History – AKA – Obamacare

  1. says:

    The video via Ben Howe is a powerful reminder of Obama’s broken promise and one that will cost middle class families a big pile of money.

    Sadly, many in this voting bloc pay little attention to politics and since this tax won’t hit them until 2016 they won’t realize the cost until it is too late (and then they might blame the Republicans who are likely to be in power).

    We need to drive this message home again and again and AGAIN until every middle class voter is fully informed regardless of how little attention to they typically give to these issues.

    How about a campaign: “A vote for Obama will cost you $2,000.”

  2. Trevor Hilton

    So now a fine is re-defined as a “tax”. Will we start to say that police charge one a “tax” for speeding?
    All through his nomination for Chief Justice every other thing said about him was “devout Catholic John Roberts”. Well, with that in mind;

    Isaiah 5:20
    20 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
    Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
    Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

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