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Book Review – David Mamet’s The Secret Knowledge


David Mamet’s The Secret Knowledge was selected for discussion during the May meeting.

I read David Mamet’s book The Secret Knowledge with great enjoyment. His talent for story telling shines through with this novel.

David Mamet, a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright.  Well known for Glengary Glenn Ross and American Buffalo, he turned the tables on the entrenched political narrative of Hollywood when he penned an article for the Village Voice in 2008 which they entitled ‘Why I’m No Longer a Brain Dead Liberal’.

This book is an expansion of the theories presented in his Village Voice article and has made me a fan girl.


It was interesting to read an insiders take of Hollywood’s political monolith, a place where conservatives need not apply. One of the criticisms that came out of the book club discussion was Mamet’s affinity to Hayek who was no fan of conservatives. While that may have been true during Hayek’s day; I would believe that he would find fellowship among modern day conservatives.

If you are conservative, you will appreciate his skill of crafting the debate, but I don’t believe this book was written for conservatives. This was an open letter to other liberals in Hollywood who are quietly questioning the political status quo. It stands as a primer for educating these people to the divergent political philosophies that exist outside the Hollywood bubble.

This is a good read, well worth the time and money. Get your copy by clicking on the links in this post, then share your thoughts of the book in the comment section.


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One response to “Book Review – David Mamet’s The Secret Knowledge

  1. NeoCon

    Thanks for your comments on the book. We all consider you a valuable member of our book club group.

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