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Pennsylvania Primary Voter ID Information and a Few Endorsements

UPDATE: Welch concedes; Tom Smith is the presumptive winner of the Republican primary PA Senate Race

UPDATE: Calling the Democrat Attorney General Race for Kathleen Kane

UPDATE: An ousting of ‘blue dog’ democrats in PA? As good as it is for the nation that Altmire and Murphy to have lost, they (the moveon.org wing) served their purpose and were expendable commodities. The Lid takes a look at the alarming claiming of the Democrat party by unions. Question is when will the Democrat party be owned by Democrats?

Pennsylvania law now requires all voters to present a photo ID in order to cast a vote. Tuesday’s primary is a dress rehearsal for the November general election. You will be asked for an ID, but not barred from voting if you do not have one on your person.

The Committee of 70 has put together a voter guide explaining the details of the Voter ID law. Via Committee of Seventy:


Acceptable PHOTO IDs include:
•    A PA driver’s license: currently valid or expired less than 12 months.
•    An ID issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT): currently valid or expired less than 12 months.
•    A currently valid U.S. passport. Expired passports will not be accepted.
•    An active duty or retired U.S. military ID, including an ID for members of the PA National Guard: an indefinite expiration date will be accepted.
•    A currently valid military dependent’s ID. Expired IDs will not be accepted.
•    A currently valid employee ID issued by federal, PA, PA county or PA municipal government. Expired IDs will not be accepted.
•    A currently valid ID issued by a PA university, college, seminary, community college or two-year college to students, faculty, employees and alumni. Expired IDs will not be accepted.
•    A currently valid ID issued by a PA care facility (such as a long-term care nursing facility, assisted living residence or a personal care home). Expired IDs will not be accepted.

I have few politicians to endorse in this primary and with no further ado, here are my endorsed candidates:

On the Republican side:

PA Senator – Tom Smith or Sam Rohrer
PA State Representative – Dave Kralle
President – Mitt Romney

On the Democrat side:

Kathleen Kane – Attorney General – it was the following video that convinced me to endorse her:

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One response to “Pennsylvania Primary Voter ID Information and a Few Endorsements

  1. Trevor Hilton

    Mitt Romney wasn’t my first choice, but, oh well…….

    Oklahoma has no voter ID law. I need to show a photo ID to get into my job everyday (I’m a contract worker on a US Government facility in Oklahoma City), but not to vote.
    The head of the Oklahoma Democrat Party stirred up a hornets nest recently by saying that if Timothy McVeigh (SPIT!) were alive today he’d be a Tea Party member. Three years ago Oklahoma was the only state that went completely Republican in the Presidential race, and our only Democrat Congressman, the Blue Dog Dan Boren, is retiring. Statement like that won’t help him this November.

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