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Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

When in Nashville, you must stop and visit the home of our 7th President, Andrew Jackson.

Andrew and Rachel’s home - The Hermitage -  one of the nation’s oldest historic site museums. The Hermitage has been preserved for the people of Tennessee by the Ladies’ Hermitage Association since 1889.

Tour guides through the mansion dress in period clothing. As with Belle Meade, photography was prohibited inside the mansion.

Tour Guide in Period Costume

Final resting place of Andrew and Rachel Jackson – in a pretty corner of Rachel’s garden. Buried next to them is Alfred, longtime caretaker of the Hermitage.

Final Rest for Andrew and Rachel

Rachel’s garden has been extensively researched since the Ladies’  took over the estate. It is probably the most authentic garden of the time period of when Andrew and Rachel were in residence.

Rachel's Garden

Interior of Arthur’s, a slave who remained at the estate after his emancipation and worked with the Ladies’ Guild when they first opened the Hermitage as a museum. The interior of the cabin contains items purchased by Arthur from an Hermitage estate sale.

Interior Slave Cabin

Fun facts: Andrew Jackson was the only President in American History to pay off the national debt and leave office with the country in the black. He helped found the Democrat Party and was the first Democrat president. What do you believe Andrew Jackson would think of his party’s power grabbing and out of control spending?

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  1. PapaMAS

    Ole Hickory would rain hellfire on today’s Democrats.

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