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2012 Get Your Rear In Gear 5K/10K

Uhm, what can I say other than the truth? I overslept Sunday and missed the opportunity to run and raise awareness of the prevalence of Colon cancer in our community.

What is a disconsolate runner to do when a race goes awry?

Drown her sorrow in homemade cupcakes!

Spent the better part of Sunday morning perfecting my ganache and creating  lovely cupcakes like this:

Irish Cupcake

There is lager in the cupcake batter, Jameson Irish Whiskey in the ganache filling, and Bailey Irish Cream liqueur in the frosting. I’d say it’s about 3,000 calories and worth every one of them.

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4 responses to “2012 Get Your Rear In Gear 5K/10K

  1. says:

    Well I’m sure all those people who are going to get colon cancer because you weren’t there to raise their awareness will at least be glad that you had some cupcakes to make yourself feel better about it!

  2. Tania

    You should have clicked on hyperlink, Lance. It directs you to a wealth of information on signs & symptoms as well as screening tools for colon cancer.

    I may have missed the race, but made sure to share with my readers information on colon cancer.

    I’m giving your negativity two thumbs down.

  3. says:

    Crikey (my sole Australian word) Tania! That is one heckuva cupcake! Don’t eat and drive, eh?

  4. Tania

    Beth – Ha! You definitely get a sugar high after eating one of those cupcakes :)

    How are you doing, chicka?

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