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Snark Factor Tonight – Philly Edition

Listen live to the Snark Factor every Wednesday night at 1opm EST on FTR Radio where I will be joining Fingers Malloy, Irish Duke to bring news bites at the top of the hour followed by sparkling chats with invited guests. If you are a fan of my blog, you’ll know that I have an eclectic taste in news of the day.

On tap for Wednesday night:

Farewell Davie Jones -  I hardly knew you. I”m sure Fingers Malloy can fill us in on the history of the Monkees.

Moron Alert - Ohio teen arrested after posting threats and a photo of himself with a rifle on FaceBook.

Sounds like the Daily Mail is preparing for a loss in the 2012 U.S. elections.  Watch for the Guardian’s writing campaign to start up soon!

Sigh…I miss my evening cup of Maple-Bourbon gelato.

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2 responses to “Snark Factor Tonight – Philly Edition

  1. says:

    mmmmm …. I would have gleefully packed up a few gallons of Salted Caramel Gelato to bring home with me! YUM!

    Sweet Dreams, girlie!

  2. Trevor Hilton

    About that idiot posing with a rifle and issueing threats, I’m reminded of something my father used to say;
    “Fools names and fools faces are always found in public places.”

    Andrew Breitbart, just 43 years old. That’s about 3 years younger than I am.
    Go with God Andrew.

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