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Media Malpractice 2012 Election

I am a journolist

The comment pictured above ‘I am a journalist – I will take sides‘ was found on an ‘idea’ wall at the former site of Occupation Philly last November. As of this blog post, I’ve yet to determine which Philadelphia Inquirer employee left their note of solidarity with Occupation Philly.  Remember, these employees take pride in their fair and impartial reporting. Clearly, the charade has been uncovered and readers will need to seek out other independent news outlets **cough**MidnightBlue**cough**.

A recent Beltway Confidential report claims 19 journalists and media execs have signed on to TO 2012. Although no names are listed, I’m quite certain if names were listed they would match those uncovered in the Journolist scandal.  As a blogger, I’m legally required to add a disclosure statement to my product reviews to inform readers of any type of relationship I have regarding the product or sponsorship. I believe this is a good thing for my readers to know what influences (if any) are bearing on my reviews. In fact, I’ve been adding a disclosure to my reviews long before it became a legal necessity. I want to cultivate an environment of trust with my readers and I’m happy to make these disclosures.

What is troubling about the Beltway Confidential report is not that journalists are taking sides, they have been doing so for decades. The problem is the lack of transparency on the identity of these 19 individuals. They have essentially signed on to promote a product and should disclose any relationship they have with the DNC or TO2012 within the body of their work going forward. This is important, as every piece they produce in reference to the Presidential campaign is essentially advertising for TO2012.  The  public should be provided with disclosure statements from these individuals in order to make the informed decisions regarding the product – the presidential candidates. Without such transparency, it will be difficult for the average American to determine if the opinions expressed by these media employees  are independent thoughts or paid advertising.

Is their journalistic credibility not worth a moment of honesty in their work?

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One response to “Media Malpractice 2012 Election

  1. Trevor Hilton

    Clearly, the charade has been uncovered and readers will need to seek out other independent news outlets **cough**MidnightBlue**cough**

    and Right Wing News, Michelle Malkin, Hot Air, World Net Daily, News Busted,…..

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