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Follow My BlissDom 2012 Nashville Experience

Prep for BlissDom 2012

Curious about what all the fuss over a conference? You can follow along on my BlissDom 2012 experience in the following social media platforms:

Flickr - All photos from BlissDom will be collected into this set.

Storify - A platform to curate thoughts, images, perhaps video snippets from BlissDom into a free flowing story.

Posterous - A place to share Instagram photos from BlissDom.

Instagram - One of the best iPhone photo apps around and so very integrated into other photo sharing applications.

Storie - I like this app as it curates photos and a quick note into a cohesive story.

I am very interested to see how well these platforms perform in capturing moments at Blissdom and yet not being overly burdensome.

For my photo peeps, I’ve decided to take the Canon 40D with the following lenses: 50mm f1/4, Tokina 12-24mm, Canon IS 28-135 zoom lens. In addition, I’m bringing the Panasonic LX3 Lumix. Flash? Of course, with snoot.

Questions, comments, suggestions for good places to eat in Nashville – leave me a comment :)

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One response to “Follow My BlissDom 2012 Nashville Experience

  1. says:

    thoroughly enjoyed meeting you tonight! gonna go find you on instagram!
    “pattyx24″ on instagram

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