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Why I Run


9am Sunday morning with a temperature hovering around 19 degrees and ice patches covering the running trail, three friends met for 5K run on Kelly Drive .  Pinkie graciously snapped the photo above of  Trish and I donning baklavas and NYC hats just prior to starting off on the run. Yes, baklavas are necessary for running in freezing temperatures. Thanks Trish for allowing me post this fabulous photo :)

Why would anyone get up early in the middle of January to run through snow and ice in freezing temperatures?  Yes, I do get asked that question quite often.  Simply put, why do I run?

I run because I suck at being sedentary.

I run because sunrises are beautiful, so are snow storms, rain storms and sunsets.

I run because I can always count on running to relieve stress.

I run because no matter how difficult the run I’m a happier person post run.

I run because the sound of my footfalls on the trail is music to me.

I run because….I’m not alone; running has introduced me to a world of beautiful and strong individuals.

2011 Broad Street Run

I run because post race tailgates are fun!

I run because I am worth it.

2011 Broad Street Run

I run because life is full of unexpected twists, running is always a steady constant.

I run because there is always the opportunity to be better and stronger than you can imagine.

I run because success in running and in life is directly proportional to how much effort you expend.

I survived Merrell Down & Dirty Mud Run

I run because the seasons look prettier from the trail.

I run because I smile more and frown less.

I run because of new friendships and mutual support of running goals.

I run because running allows me to farklet in public.

Pinkie & Moi 2011 Merrell Down & Dirty Mud Run

I run because I know how it feels to have sustained injuries that prevent running along with everyday life activities.

Fractured Middle Finger

I run because it makes me a better person, one run at time.

So, why do you run?

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3 responses to “Why I Run

  1. Trevor Hilton

    I can only run in summer. Due to asthma, I can’t run in winter. But, since I live in a rual area, it gets me outside, in the fresh air and sunshine. I can see trees, flowers, etc. Riding a bicycle is equally fun.

  2. PapaMAS

    Running seems to have a big social element for you. Not for me; I can’t run with others, or talk with them about it. It’s very personal. Running time is me-time. Some of my best thinking has occurred while I am away from other things and people, and just running. It does relieve stress. I will run in cold, but not rain or when it is icy.

  3. says:

    What, I wonder, is that photo of your injury trying to say to us? :)

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