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PAGOP Endorses Arlen Specter, Jr – Steve Welch

Deconstructed Plane - Lenfest Plaza

Lifelong Democrat, recently registered Republican, Steve Welch, has garnered the PA GOP endorsement for the Republican Senate Candidate.

As a republican committeewoman, I cannot support this endorsement. I will be voting in April for anyone other than Welch and advising my constituents to do the same.

Chris Friend summarized this losing endorsement:

Incomprehensibly, but not surprisingly, certain factions within the GOP leadership are pushing to endorse Montgomery County’s Steve Welch, a candidate who:

A) Became a Democrat because the GOP wasn’t conservative enough,

B) Financially supported (former) Congressman Joe Sestak, one of the most liberal members of Congress, and

C) Voted for Barack Obama in 2008.

Actually, Welch became a Democrat in reaction to Katrina. Silly, I know, but that is the character of Steve Welch – in black and white.

Specter Jr? I believe so.  Read the facts and vote accordingly in April.

UPDATE: Specter of Sestak haunts Welch. This nomination is a train wreck.

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3 responses to “PAGOP Endorses Arlen Specter, Jr – Steve Welch

  1. Trevor Hilton

    Why do SOOOO many people who ought to know better think that putting an “R” by one’s name is all that’s necessary?
    Have they forgotten Dede Scuzzyfava, Arlen “Evil Spirit” Specter, and Michael “DemocratRepublicanIndependent” Bloomberg already?

  2. Tom Johnson

    You won’t be alone. I will be sure to share this with the first 500 friends I meet.
    We may as well vote for Casey as Welch seems to be a c

  3. says:

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