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Happy Belated New Year!

Clowns in Black and White

Due to technical difficulties beyond my control, the blog took an unexpected hiatus for a week. Thanks to the talented Lisa Sabin-Wilson the blog has been restored to all its glory.

I hope my readers had a fabulous New Year’s Day filled with food, fun and family. I spent part of the day with the finest photographers this side of Philadelphia. It is becoming a tradition of sorts for us to meet early on New Year’s Day in South Philly and photograph the Comic brigades on their march up South Broad Street to City Hall.  These brigades are filled with joyously inebriated folk, along with fathers and sons in matching dresses and face makeup.  This merry parade is tied together with the time honored tradition of golden slippers.

Oh, Those Golden Slippers

Below the cut is a slideshow of photos taken on the first day of 2012 (Year of the Dragon)

Enjoy the pretty!

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One response to “Happy Belated New Year!

  1. adn

    thank you tania ! i am glad that some people know how to do new year’s right ! very inspiring and refreshing. reminds me of Christmas revels, which actually mentions the mummers. check out http://www.revels.org. i go every year (when i am in the usa ! )

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