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Photographer of Note – Vivian Maier

Vivian Maier, a complex woman and superb street photographer, who captured arresting images of the humanity that surrounded her. Thanks to the efforts of John Maloof, the world is being introduced to the work of this remarkable photographer – and we are better for it.

It is a bit overwhelming for me to clearly articulate the layers of thought and emotion that I sift through when viewing her photos. With no post processing, no retakes, or formal training, Vivian captured scenes that piqued her interest and despite her gruff nature she connected with the subjects of the photos.  That connection and purity slams through me with each photo I view.

My own photography skills are no match to Vivian Maier but with the guidance of her photography, there is hope for me yet. You can see the results of this photographic inspiration on Flickr

I have every intention to viewing her work come January at the Hearst Gallery in NYC. If you are in the area this January, I highly recommend checking out Vivian Maier’s photos.

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One response to “Photographer of Note – Vivian Maier

  1. neocon

    Thanks for posting this video. Yes, she was great street photographer…and she used a Rollei!

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