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End of Year Political Endorsements

2011 is coming swiftly to a close.  2012 shaping up to be a riveting election year endorsements for potential presidents are quickly debuting before the beginning of the Caucus season. I’ve collected a selection of well crafted endorsements from various bloggers supporting the current leading candidates in the Republican field. Feel free to leave your endorsement in the comment section.

Starting off the endorsement proclamations - Jimmie Bise states “I’m for Newt, and Here’s Why”.  Jimmie carefully lays out the case in his endorsement with the gist of it being in these paragraphs:

By now, I’m sure you’ve guessed that I’ve chosen Newt Gingrich. Look, say what you will about some of the bad choices he’s made in the past (and if you want chapter and verse on them, you can get it fromNational Review’s Ramesh Ponnuru and Mark Steyn), but you can not deny that among all our present choices, he is the only one who has aggressively and consistently pushed back against the progressive left and their quislings in the media during the campaign. As I wrote earlier in the week, he fought when other candidates held their peace or whined for more attention. His record as Speaker is stuffed full of times when he shoved back hard against the Democrats and the status quo — the Contract with America, the balanced budgets he passed with a Democratic President, Welfare Reform that he had to push three times to get past that same President. He is the only man in my lifetime who was willing to shut down the entire government rather than let the left’s runaway spending go without challenge.

I support him for more than that, though. I support him because, for the most part, he’s won his fights. he is the only Republican politician I can remember in the last decade who backed down Nancy Pelosi, and it only took a couple of hours for him to do it. I also support him because he is the only candidate, now that Herman Cain is out of the race, who has not only pushed a series of positive messages about what this country can do with him in the Oval Office but has deliberately refrained from savaging his fellow candidates or those who support them.


Melissa Clouthier states her case in support of Rick Perry:


For those who are cynical and believe that none of this really matters, I beg to differ. I lived in California in the late 80s during the first housing bust. I lived in Michigan during its slow decline as it went back to seed due to unsustainable union demands and abject Democrat corruption in the big cities like Detroit and Flint. I lived in upstate New York and watch the life blood — IBM, Xerox, and on and on — leave the state because businesses could no longer afford to do business there.

I know a liberal when I see one. I know a conservative when I see one.

Rick Perry is a conservative. He has been willing to veto his own party when they head down a big government road. He has done it over and over again. That takes spine. And it has been something sorely lacking in both of the last two Presidents.

So, I’m asking you to give Governor Perry another look. He’s been in public service a long time and stuck to his principles and managed to govern one of the biggest states in the nation. But the policies aren’t some pie-in-the-sky distant thing. They affect lives. They have affected my life for fourteen years. And while there have been times I’ve been irritated with the Governor, most of the time, I’ve had the luxury of not paying attention to what he’s doing because he’s been doing it right.

Da Tech Guy tips his hat towards candidate Rick Santorum.

We’ve already seen that Santorum didn’t let his defeat and subsequent ridicule after his last senatorial loss stop him this time. Among the current candidates he is one of the few who have not had a surge of support, nevertheless he has not stopped working hard and campaigning all out.

As for the other candidates, Michelle Bachmann is a good choice but Santorum’s experience in the senate where it is tougher to get bills through trumps her experience in the house. Gingrich is a more than acceptable choice but he has baggage in terms of the establishment. Perry isn’t a bad fellow but he has run the worst campaign I’ve ever seen. Roemer willingness to go 3rd party and support for the occupods bothers me, Paul’s foreign policy is out of the 30′s. Huntsman let himself be talked into running by the MSM and Romney, although a much better candidate than 4 years ago, is a man whose principles I just don’t know.

So as of today my top three are Santorum, Bachmann and Perry but Santorum shines bright enough above the others that I am not shy about picking him as my candidate of choice.

Chris Christie endorses Mitt Romney. Yes, he is not a blogger but I’ve had a hard time finding a blogger endorsement for Mitt Romney. Leave a link in the comment section if you know of such an endorsement and I’ll include it in this post.

Thanks to Da Tech Guy for pointing out a blogger endorsing Mitt Romney – John Hinderaker pledges his support for Romney:

So: I endorse Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee for president in 2012. I think he can win, and I think there is a real chance that he could be a great president. Perhaps the man and the hour will meet, as with Churchill in 1940 and Reagan in 1980. But at a bare minimum, Romney can beat Barack Obama, and will be an infinitely better president. The time has come for Republicans to coalesce behind their best candidate.

If you know of any other blogger endorsements share the link in the comment section. As I’ve stated in an earlier post, I’m not inclined to back a primary candidate but will support the nominated candidate come election season. Before you go there, the nominee will NOT be Ron Paul.

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