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Saturday Sundries

It’s Saturday..what are you doing reading this blog? Go out and have a laugh, then come back and read this blog.

Cuteness overload – Buster wonders what all the fuss is about the Kindle Fire:

Buster Wonders what all the fuss is over Kindle Fire

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One response to “Saturday Sundries

  1. Trevor Hilton

    Saturday here was about 70 degrees and slightly windy. A great day to cruise Route 66 on a H-D Sportster. But, I ain’t got no Sportster anymore, and $3-something/gallon gas makes our Silverado or Blazer too expensive to cruise in.

    I was going to go organize “Occupy Bowlegs, OK” here. Yes, that is a town about 55 miles southeast of Oklahoma City. It’s population is about 370. You probably have more people on your block. Anyway, I was trying to organize an occupy movement there, ’til farmer John drove his John Deere over my tent. Oh well……

    What kinda water does Europe have? Water that doesn’t hydrate!?!? The water from my well does a pretty good job for me. Hey! I just thought of a business opportunity! I’ll bottle my well water and sell it in Europe! Wanna be my partner, Tania!?!?

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