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GOP Debate on National Security and Foreign Policy

Via the Heritage Foundation:

The Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute and CNN are pleased to announce that the presidential debate on foreign policy and national security co-hosted by The Heritage Foundation will take place in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, Nov. 22. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer will moderate. [8 pm EST]

Wolf Blitzer as moderator? Seriously? Oh, Newt is going to have fun with this one :)

Twitter hashtag for tonight’s debate: #CnnDebate

Brief thoughts and score card will be posted after the debate.

Okay, have to head to bed as I have boot camp way too early in the AM. Here are my grades and brief thoughts on the debate so far:

Santorum – C – Still comes across as whiny, not passionate, in his answers.

Paul – F – I figured out tonight what turns me off to Ron Paul – he is creepily paranoid.

Perry – C – No major flubs, but not a strong debater.

Romney – B – Polished answers as expected.

Gingrich – A+ – Gingrich owned this panel debate and owned Ron Paul on the question of the Patriot Act.

Cain – B – Good on Cain for not falling for Blitzer’s bait regarding profiling in airports.

Bachmann – B – Good, solid answers.

Huntsman – C – Agreed with him on some points and with others, rolled my eyes.

Moderator Wolf Blitzer – Is that his real name? I can’t get past the facial hair.

What are your thoughts on tonight’s debate? Who won? Won lost? Leave me a comment :)

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2 responses to “GOP Debate on National Security and Foreign Policy

  1. Friend

    First, the rankings: 1)Gingrich, 2)Perry, 3)Santorum, 4)Huntsman, 5)Cain, 6)Romney, 7)Paul…As always, this is based on what I think on their debate performance w/viewers and not whether I agreed with them. Disclosure: I lean Perry & not crazy about Romney but have ranked Romney high in many debates & Perry low in many. So trust me on the following:

    Gingrich winning is no surprise but the stunner tonight was a very strong performance by Perry. If he didn’t stutter, he’d do better as his answers were very substantive. His best debate in 2 1/2 months. His biggest highlight was a forceful and convincing faceoff win against Bachmann on the Pakistan issue. And he din’t limit it to a braggadaci “Screw Pakistan” rhetoric but added substantive alternatives on how economic engagement in that region and collaboration with India would be effective. He also had a strong response on the TSA patdown issue & privatizing the function.

    Santorum: Great job answering Paul Wolfowitz’ question on PEPFAR/AIDS/Malaria. Very difficult nowadays to defend any kind of spending in a GOP debate but Rick effectively tied it to Nat’l Security & showed how it saves $$ in the long run.

    Huntsman: Usually unimpressive but won the faceoff w/Romney on Afghanistan (I don’t necessarily agree w/him).

    Romney: Seemed to be rambling-his responses didn’t add much but were less articulate copycats of other candidates-he usually does well…but his “He got 30 secs-I get 30 secs” stuff is getting increasingly childish.

    Sorry for the length but I really enjoy your blogs and timely reporting. You do a great service, Skye!

  2. says:

    Just don’t let Newt be the nominee. Romney’s bad enough. Sheesh.

    I’m still backing Bachmann, but I fear she’s lost all traction…

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