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Dispersed and Defeated – Occupation Philly Routed from Dilworth Plaza

Dilworth Plaza around 5 pm on 11/30/2011. Post Occupation Clean Up – Dilworth Plaza never looked so good. Looking forward to the dynamic redesign of this plaza which will include lots of green space along with a stunning modern redesign.
Dilworth Plaza Post Occupation

Many thanks to the skill and professionalism of the Philadelphia Police Department. You achieved the best possible outcome of this public nuisance problem otherwise known as Occupation Philly.

6ABC News online poll asking viewers if they have a favorable view of Occupation Philly and the results speak for themselves:


The Occupation Philly public temper tantrum will no longer be tolerated; the occupiers need to find a more constructive outlet to work out their fears AND find a way to pay for it themselves.

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One response to “Dispersed and Defeated – Occupation Philly Routed from Dilworth Plaza

  1. Trevor Hilton

    The Occupy Oklahoma City has until 11:00 pm tonight to vacate Kerr Park (donated to the city by the huge Kerr-McGee Corp. How ironic is that?) or else they will be arrested for trespassing.

    Also, did you hear that in Richmond, VA, those vagrants are using, for free, a park that the Tea Partiers paid to use? Then, when the Tea Party wanted their money back, they got audited instead? Hmmmmm.

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