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Pennsylvania 2012 Senate Race Update

Deconstructed Plane - Lenfest Plaza

 A trio of contenders for Bob Casey, Jr’s Senate seat have announced their intentions for election.  Two Republicans and one conservative leaning Democrat have pitched their hats into the ring.

Steve Welch - businessman who failed to capture the GOP nomination for Congressional district 7. Over the past decade he has repeatedly switched party registrations, giving fuzzy reasons for each switch.

Brian Kelly - Democrat who has earned the endorsement of the Independence Hall Teaparty Association. I know very well what life is like as a conservative Democrat in Pennsylvania.

Tim Burns - GOP nominated candidate who failed to overcome the Democrat challenger to fill  Congressional District 12, the seat made available by the timely death of John Murtha. Not a surprising defeat to those who know the history of GOP candidates for that congressional seat.

It looks like I’m going to have to stock up on Tums with this fielding of candidates hoping to topple Bob Casey, jr during the upcoming election season.


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3 responses to “Pennsylvania 2012 Senate Race Update

  1. says:

    Is the photo an art piece with (what looks like) a former Navy anti-sub carrier based plane? Where is this located?

  2. Tania

    I discovered this display while walking past the newly designed Lenfest Plaza today. This area is a walkway between Broad and 15th Street. There is a permanent sculpture called ‘Paint Torch’ already installed.


    I’m not sure if it is on permanent display and have yet to figure out what exactly it represents.

  3. JohnnyAmerica

    Casey Jr is a typical pathetic politician who campaigns pro-life but votes for abortion measures. It would be a huge victory to replace this knob with a patriot.

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