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Amanda Knox Acquitted and Other Points to Ponder

Spent the past weekend at Podcamp Philly where I was immersed in quality digital media information. There is so much good information to digest from this conference. While I arrange my notes from the conference, here are few tasty tidbits of news for your perusal:

  • Amanda Knox acquitted of murder. American student finds freedom today when she was acquitted of the 2007 murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher. While there is now closure for Amanda Knox and her family; the victim’s family is left with picking up the pieces of evidence and starting anew the search for Meredith’s killer. This day is equal parts joy and sadness.
  • ESPN sacks Hank Williams for a chiding Obama comment, yet two radio jocks engaging in a vile discussion of  ’womb shifting’  conservative women are still pulling paychecks from ESPN.
  • With reports of Facebook tracking users around the web even after they exit Facebook, I’ve found a simple, yet affective way to protect your privacy from Facebook cookies:
  • Photobucket
  • FYI: Google Plus is now open to all, no need to ask for an invitation.
  • So, you thought the Concord set record time. A  New Space Venture could see travel to cities worldwide within two hours.
  • The left’s coffee party re-branded ——->  Occupy Wall Street. 
  • Unites States Supreme Court opened today and is expected to take up the question of whether the contentious health care bill is constitutional.

Hope you enjoyed the blend! Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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2 responses to “Amanda Knox Acquitted and Other Points to Ponder

  1. Trevor Hilton

    Amanda Knox needs to get out of Italy ASAP. I hope she can sue the pants off of that corrupt prosecuter.

    I don’t think Hank Jr. will miss ESPN. He earned 3 Emmys for it, but he can live about 3 lifetimes off of his royalty payments for his music. So, it’s true, “A Country Boy Can Survive”.

    So I can’t “friend” you on Facebook now? Well, we can still be friends here.

    That Space Venture would be great is the price would come down. Right now it takes about 24 hours on a plane to go visit my inlaws in Malaysia.

    The looney left STILL can’t make a grass-roots movement without causing trouble!

    • Tania

      @Trevor – I am slowing moving away from Facebook and onto Google +, as I find it a far more robust platform. As of now, I’m no longer accepting ‘Friend’ requests on Facebook and will give amply warning before closing my Facebook Page.

      The truly tragic part of Meredith Kercher’s death is the realization that her family still has to deal with corrupted evidence and a broken judiciary system. I have very little hope Italian authorities will find this brutal killer.

      There is nothing grass-root about “Occupy Wall Street” this is pure astroturf with a goal of organizing for Obama 2012. Have you seen their list of demands? It looks like a twelve year old wrote them, how freaking embarrassing for them to make those ‘thoughts’ public.

      Oh, if a PodCamp unconference is offered in your area, jump on it. The amount of information I gleaned from this conference is astounding! However, I keep getting interrupted every time I sit down to compose a recap of this conference. I should have something posted by the end of this week.

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