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15 Arrests of Occupy Philly Protesters


I have given Occupy Philly a fair assessment on this blog based on my observations. Yet, their actions speak plainly for them on this latest event:

15 Occupy Philly Protesters Arrested

Philadelphia police Sunday arrested 15 people associated with Occupy Philadelphia for blocking Eighth Street near Race Street, just outside police headquarters.

The sit-in began about 17 hours earlier as a protest march against police brutality nationwide.

What are your thoughts on this latest action by the Philly Occupiers?


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2 responses to “15 Arrests of Occupy Philly Protesters

  1. Trevor Hilton

    Yet, according to the obsolete media, the Tea Partiers are the violent ones.

  2. PapaMAS

    Pretty dang weak. Protest police brutality? I would have some respect for them if they did this in the old days when Frank Rizzo was mayor and the response would have been actual police brutality. 15 guys sitting in the street because one of them said something like, “They arrested me once when I was drunk!” Please! Pathetic.

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