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Archive for October 2011

Ghouls Come Out To Play!

Happy Halloween!

From my family to yours – Happy Halloween!


Vote For the Funniest Occupation Video

While you are getting ready for Halloween and All Souls Day, take some time to laugh (or cry) over the three videos I’ve selected from the numerous Occupation videos.  Let me know by your comment which of the three you believe is the funniest of the lot.



#Occupy News Roundup

So many stories, so little time when you actually have a life :)

OWS protester Scott “F*** The Corps” Olsen, who has rapidly risen to become the  Cindy Sheehan of OWS, has been outed as a member of IVAW and the owner of  the blog ‘I Hate The Marine Corps’.  Awesome representative of the dysfunction of #OWS, keep ‘em coming!

A picture of main stream America? USA News reports of violence and assaults occurring among the protesters in  Zuccotti Park.

So, is this what they meant by ‘normalizing’  OWS? A 23 year old woman and #OWS protester, Justina Jenson, has been charged with felony prostitution of 16 year old whom she met at a New Hampshire Occupation.

Beat It! Madison, Wisconsin city officials have revoked Occupation Madison’s permit due to numerous complaints of public masturbation.  How else are the oppressed 99%ers going to let off steam?



Marilyn Manson – This Is Halloween

Marilyn Manson and Halloween – like peanut butter and jelly.

Happy Halloween, Peeps!


Boot Camp Philly Style

Early this morning I participated in my first ever Boot Camp fitness workout. Eight hardy souls met at Lloyd Hall at 6 am to start their day with an hour of cardio and strength training, but mostly we ran.  I’m signing up for the five week course that spans November into December.

For those considering joining  a ‘boot camp’ fitness group, let me share my thoughts on Day 1 of Boot Camp:

  • There is not set uniform to don, thankfully, as camouflage wreaks havoc on my complexion.  I suggest wearing running or gym attire and layer your clothing.  6am in October is quite chilly, but once you get warmed up you’ll want to remove the extra layers.
  • Bring water – you will need it during the course of the workout.
  • Running is an integral part of Boot Camp, embrace it and learn to love it.
  • I love Nike running shoes and clothing so much so that you can say I am a Nike Girl.  However,  the placement of a pocket on the derriere of women’s Nike Fit leggings is not really conducive to storing your car key comfortably, especially when you are going through a set of abdominal crunches on the ground- think before you store your key!
  • Bring a sense of humor. Imaging the comments around the water-cooler when share the awe of watching a sunrise light up the Parkway while doing a gazillion jumping jacks?
  • This type of group exercise is a huge calorie burner.  Conservatively, working out three times a week for one hour, you can burn 2,000 calories. HELLO! Certainly makes the running part feel all that much better.
  • This type of group exercise is meant for moderately fit individuals. That is not to say beginners can’t join, but I felt challenged by this workout and I’m in fairly good shape.
  • There is something inspiring about exercising outdoors, especially with Kelly Drive and the Philadelphia Art Museum as the backdrop. I was feeling all kinds of Rocky!

Before considering any type of workout, please see your primary care physician to discuss your state of health and the exercise options available.


Bookclub Selection: The Forgotten Man by Amity Shlaes

A year ago, I joined a most excellent book club that meets monthly to discuss books that tilt toward a political nature – both left and right. We meet in the club room of a cigar store, enjoying cigars and brandy. Every now and then we are treated to French Absinthe. As I am the only non-smoker of the club, I pass on the cigars, but enjoy participating in the lively discussions. I find it is a privilege to be including among the members of this bookclub, as they are all knowledgeable and seasoned by life.

This month we are discussing ‘The Forgotten Man’ authored by Amity Shlaes.

Amity Shlaes revisits the late 20′s and early 30′s to investigate the net effect of Roosevelt’s ‘New Deal’ on the lives and fortunes of average Americans.

Back cover description:

Amity Shlaes takes us back to show us how the roots of our disillusionment can be found in a single election year, 1936. In that year, Franklin Roosevelt systematically established the modern political constituency, from unions to artists, to senior citizens. Roosevelt’s solution was to spend for these groups, so extensively that federal spending that year outpaced state and local spending, for the first time ever in peacetime. The consequence was the Roosevelt landslide of 1936 –but also the modern entitlement trap. Roosevelt often spoke of the Forgotten Man, the man “at the bottom of the economic pyramid.” Yet, Miss Shlaes shows, his New Deal created a new forgotten man, the man who subsidizes the funding of other constituencies — and who haunts politics in all developed nations today.


15 Arrests of Occupy Philly Protesters


I have given Occupy Philly a fair assessment on this blog based on my observations. Yet, their actions speak plainly for them on this latest event:

15 Occupy Philly Protesters Arrested

Philadelphia police Sunday arrested 15 people associated with Occupy Philadelphia for blocking Eighth Street near Race Street, just outside police headquarters.

The sit-in began about 17 hours earlier as a protest march against police brutality nationwide.

What are your thoughts on this latest action by the Philly Occupiers?



Chasing 26.2

New Running Shoes

What a crazy twisting road this has been so far.

Due to a ankle injury in July,  my participation in the 2011 Philadelphia Marathon is relegated to sideline cheerleading.

Today, following a good four mile run, I am officially back on the road to the Philly 2012 Marathon. The ankle felt fine and I’m past ready to run.

Running is just one facet of my training. I’ve signed up for a three day a week boot camp and joined a nutrition group at work.  The race schedule will be exactly the same as this year, minus the mud run, of course. I’m actually looking forward to the journey of training with Team Philly for the 2012 Broad Street Run and Philly Marathon.

In short, I will be running my butkiss off chasing my 26.2 dream and loving every minute of it.


Remember – It is not 26.2 miles, it is ONE mile run 26 times.


Did you enjoy this post? Please consider sharing it.

Conferences Galore – Who, What, Where and When?


There comes a time in every bloggers life when they realize the need to step away from the desktop/laptop/iPad and seek additional knowledge and network with gurus they have been following online in person. Attending a conference is an efficient way to learn new skills and meet subject matter experts in areas where you seek to learn more. In today’s tough economic environment, it is important to consider the type of conference you would like to attend, but also which will give you the most return on your investment.

I’ve cobbled together a list organized into three popular categories –  Tech, Political and Blogging While Female.



Pennsylvania 2012 Senate Race Update

Deconstructed Plane - Lenfest Plaza

 A trio of contenders for Bob Casey, Jr’s Senate seat have announced their intentions for election.  Two Republicans and one conservative leaning Democrat have pitched their hats into the ring.

Steve Welch - businessman who failed to capture the GOP nomination for Congressional district 7. Over the past decade he has repeatedly switched party registrations, giving fuzzy reasons for each switch.

Brian Kelly - Democrat who has earned the endorsement of the Independence Hall Teaparty Association. I know very well what life is like as a conservative Democrat in Pennsylvania.

Tim Burns - GOP nominated candidate who failed to overcome the Democrat challenger to fill  Congressional District 12, the seat made available by the timely death of John Murtha. Not a surprising defeat to those who know the history of GOP candidates for that congressional seat.

It looks like I’m going to have to stock up on Tums with this fielding of candidates hoping to topple Bob Casey, jr during the upcoming election season.


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