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Thursday Blend

I love a good blog mashup. What about you?

Is Mashable doing a happy dance? TechCrunch legacy shareholder, Michael Arrington has been fired from AOL.  Inexplicably, Arrianna Huffington is still employed by AOL. Tell me, dear readers, how many of you consider AOL a primary source your online news?  I believe the last time I did so was in 1999, the year I started blogging.

The woman who at 21 nearly ended the presidency of Bill Clinton and came close to destroying Hilary’s lofty senatorial goal is reported by the Daily Mail to be a ‘social pariah’. No glitz cocktail parties or happily ever after for Monica Lewinsky.  Honestly, I feel sorry for her, she was a young girl used and abused Clinton. Yet, I’m not overly surprised of her situation, with Hill and Bill’s connections politically and in the private sector, I’m sure there was more backlash over the years than has been reported. Yet I will not rule out Monica’s own incompetence as well – the silly girl still loves Bill! Perhaps more so than Hilary?

One of the taxpayer funded mandates of Obamacare is the formation of a centralized medical record system. While it can streamline some aspects of care, it can lead to the mother of all ‘wikileaks’ regarding sensitive medical records. Here is just a peek at what that may look like – a California hospital discovered its protected patient data had been posted to a website for over a year.

Liberal mobs proving Ann Coulter right…yet again. Union mob storms Washington State Port at Longview demanding jobs they don’t rightfully have any claim towards, making sure to take hostages and damage as much property as possible.

The President spoke tonight and I did not have the opportunity to listen in, although I believe it went something like this – Comprehensive list of tax hikes

Senator Rubio responds to the President’s speech:

Get a Job! Jon Gosselin gives advice to his former harridan wife about life in the real world. Personally, my  advice would be for her to immigrate to outer Mongolia or somewhere far, far away from civilization.

A jewel of a post from Verum Serum – 5 Ponzi Scheme Definitions that Fit Social Security Pretty Well. 

 The Madness of Prince Charles -  fortunately most people don’t need a man-servant to put toothpaste on our toothbrush and will carry on ignoring this royal nutter.

Ouch! That’s gotta sting - FBI raids failed solar panel manufacturer, Solyndra LLC. Company officials claim they are not aware of a reason for the FBI search warrants.

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2 responses to “Thursday Blend

  1. Trevor Hilton

    We used an Awful OnLine free trial, but that’s it. What in the world would make them think $300 mill for Huffingtons Poop was a good deal? They could have bought your blog for the bargain price of $100 mill.

    It is strange that Monica has the reputaion of being a tramp, while dem’s still love Clinton.

    Didn’t those guards in Washington have guns? A warning shot in the air then tell the rest of those anarchists that they’ll shoot as many of them as possible before they get over-run.

  2. says:

    I saw the story about the lovely Miss Lewinsky on Patterico’s Pontifications. Following the links, I came to the story about how Miss Lewinsky had been having a dinner in a restaurant, was recognized, and became the butt of unflattering comments which were not kept quite quiet enough for her not to hear.

    But it also had pictures, and she’s wearing the same hairstyle and, at 38, looks surprisingly similar to the way she did in 1996. If she really wanted her privacy, why doesn’t she dye her hair and get a very different cut?

    Virtually every 21 year old makes a few stupid mistakes; her’s just happened to be a whole lot more public than most. Too bad, so sad, but when you’re being stupid with someone famous, stuff like that can happen. But she is compounding the situation herself by not staying private.

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