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Thoughts on Florida GOP Debate

A few days late, but I’ve had time to gather my impressions and video clips of this recent debate.

To start, I was not impressed with the inclusion of video questions or revelations of Google search query analysis during breaks in the debate . By far, the worst offender of this debate – Wordles.  Really, Wordles?  That is so 2008.

It is entirely unacceptable to have faulty microphones distracting the debate with presidential contenders.

I say keep it simple, scrap the annoying tech nonsense and simply focus on the candidates.

All the candidates, with the exception of Rick Perry, performed as expected. Perry’s fumbled attack on Romney is still painful to watch:

Herman Cain gave a stellar performance, and won the Florida GOP Straw Poll, but will it give his campaign the momentum to catapult into the front runner seat?

This exchange between Romney and Perry on Healthcare just rubs me the wrong way. After watching this, I have no confidence at all that Romney will work to repeal Obamacare, especially since recent revelations point out Obama’s advisers considered Romneycare the platform design for Obamacare.

Michele Bachmann handled herself well in this debate, however, she did not stand out despite solid answers to questions posed to her from the moderators.

This clip also includes the infamous Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell question and Rick Santorum handled the question quite well. As for the booing incident, I will refer you to someone who was in the audience during the debate - Sunshine State Sarah. My blogging buddy, Jonn Lilyea, of the blog This Ain’t Hell, deftly cuts through all the bull surrounding DADT:

And if Private Hill thinks that being gay is a more important part of his identity than being a soldier, he doesn’t belong in the Army. I appreciate his service, but I don’t appreciate the fact that he relishes the opportunity to shove his sexual preference in our face.

Three debates later and I still can’t shake the idea that Newt Gingrich would make a kick butt cabinet member, not President:

After this debate, I’ve had no change in my top three candidates in this race so far. To date Bachmann, Perry, Romney still occupy the top spots. Herman Cain, however, is quickly rising in the charts. This may change dramatically if this dude jumps in the race.

What are your thoughts on this debate? Leave a comment below.

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3 responses to “Thoughts on Florida GOP Debate

  1. Trevor Hilton

    While any of them would be an improvement over Obummer, I still prefer either Bachmann or Cain. I didn’t watch the debate, but RomneyCare still bothers me, and Perry saying all girls in Texas WILL take the HPV shot and letting illegal aliens go to Texas colleges on instate tuition bother me.
    I’m an American citizen, born in Kansas, and raised in Oklahoma. If I wanted to go to college in Texas I would need to pay out of state tuition. My wife is from Malaysia. She obeyed the law, came on a student visa, and payed out of country tuition to go to college (we met as students at Oklahoma State University, GO COWBOYS!) yet Perry thinks I’m heartless if I don’t agree with him.

    Cain/Bachmann 2012.

  2. Friend

    My rankings (not necessarily who I agreed with but who debated well):
    1) Gingrich, 2) Romney, 3) Bachmann,
    4) Cain, 5) Perry, 6) Santorum, 7) Johnson,
    8) Huntsman, 9) Paul

    The big news to me was how many openly answered the question about their VP pick on stage and selected Gingrich. That alone earned Newt many points. I do think in the next GOP administration, Newt & Giuliani are likely to have important posts.

    I think it’s still a Perry-Romney contest b/c that’s what the media wants right now. Bachmann quietly had a good debate but the press probably won’t highlight it much. She especially answered the church & state question beautifully.

    I’m currently leaning Perry but it could still change many times. So far this year I’ve gone Mitch Daniels-Romney-Huntsman-Santorum-Gingrich-Santorum-Perry.

    Anyone looking for a perfect conservative in this race won’t find one. You can give me any of the 9 and I can list their violation against conservatives. It’s a matter of picking your poison & deciding whose apostasy is forgivable.

  3. says:

    Tania: You’re in danger of becoming a tech snob! I still LOVE wordles!

    They’re a great visual way to look at how words are used. I even used one to analyze the GOP debate at the Reagan Library:


    Maybe Someone at Google saw my post on blogger and resurrected the poor Wordle.

    You know everything old is new again and Wordles are the same!

    As for the debate, Perry is in trouble. And unfortunately, that leaves the path open to Romney who I really do no trust to govern as a conservative if he were elected.

    I’m not saying I wouldn’t support Romney if he were the nominee, but I would prefer someone more conservative who can GET ELECTED. And I don’t think that goes for Bachmann or Cain unfortunately.

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