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American Sheepdog 4 Year Anniversary

911 memorial

A local pro American, pro Troop rally held every Saturday in West Chester is celebrating its fourth anniversary this weekend. In September of 2007, Rich Davis held aloft a sign in support of our troops to counter a small group of fringe leftists who occupied the corner of High and Market Streets every Saturday for the previous five years. It was a weekly reminder to the citizens of West Cheester how much they disliked George Bush, American Soldiers and America in general. Rich Davis sought to peacefully use his sign to convey the message that Karen Porter and her left wing hate group the Chester County ‘peace’ Movement (CCPM) did NOT speak for all the citizens of West Chester. Rich described how he was jostled, cursed ande threatened by the ‘peace’ folk while holding his sign on his first Saturday encounter.

Chester County

Two weeks later, I joined Rich at the corner of High and Market to cover this rally/counter rally. I knew from that first rally this was the quintessential narrative of our nation at a local level. Liberal progressive ideology versus typical American citizens who deeply care about our troops and this nation. Up to this point the main stream media focused on published fawning articles the left wing radicals while ignoring or blatantly lying about pro American rallies. Yes, people, prior to the explosion of teaparty rallies, there were pro America counter rallies held all during the Bush Presidency. You never heard of them because the media pushed coverage of anti war rallies and ignored the numerous pro America counter rallies.

In West Chester, using new media technology, I sought to bring the other side of this story into the light. Employing Blogger, YouTube, and Blog Talk Radio, I was able to give Rich a far larger audience and a platform to publicly expose the vile, hate-filled newsletters distributed of the Director of CCPM, Karen Porter.

As the weeks passed by, more citizens joined our merry band of counter protesters, in time Rich organized this loose band of patriots into the American Sheepdog s

It is with much pride that I can tell you that during these four years the Sheepdog family has grown, experienced loss, celebrated troop homecomings, and branched off into the Pennsylvania Conservative Council (PACC). All the while, the Sheepdogs have shown up every Saturday regardless of  the heat, cold, snow or rain to honor our nation and our troops. We’ve been proud of our country way before Michelle Obama thought that might be a good idea while she was traveled along with her husband during the 2008 election cycle.

With courage and integrity, the Sheepdogs have changed the political landscape in West Chester. This did not happen by happenstance, we have been fortunate enough to have principled people guiding us during our formation.  State Representative Curt Schroder, an early supporter proved to be an invaluable role model for courage and leadership. Former Mayor of  West Chester, Tom Chambers generously offered his political wisdom and frequently attends the Saturday rally. Sheriff Bunny Welsh, a fabulous speaker who frequently attends Sheepdog special events/rallies.

Since the beginning, it has been the rally attendees that are the heart and soul of the American Sheepdogs. In 2008, I posted a video detailing the story of Rich Davis and the Chester County Victory Movement (American Sheepdogs). In their own words, rally participants share why they show up every Saturday:

It’s easy to see from the video why the American Sheepdogs in West Chester have become such a success. Below is a Flickr slideshow of photos from my four year coverage of this rally. Yes, it is quite a large slideshow :)

The time has just flown by and it seems as though we have rallied at the corner of High and Market in West Chester for far longer than four years.  The Sheepdogs will always have a place in my heart. I hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down memory lane, and wish for many more years of memories to come.

A few photos from today’s rally – 9/10/11, starting with an adorable little girl holding one of my personal favorite


Sheepdogs will never forget our fallen on 9/11:

Never, Ever Forget

What it comes down to with the Sheepdogs:

Thank You Troops

4th Anniversary Group Shot:

Sheepdog Group Photo

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5 responses to “American Sheepdog 4 Year Anniversary

  1. Trevor Hilton

    We actually outnumber them. We just don’t get the publicity they do.
    In fact, that was also true during Vietnam. Most Americans supported the war and our troops. However, Walter Cronkite, et.al. made it appear that Americans didn’t.
    God Bless you, Rich Davis, for lighting a candle instead of cursing the darkness. and God Bless you, Tania, for helping to make his candle burn brighter.

  2. Tom Chambers

    Tania -
    Speaking for myself, but I’m sure representing the opinion of all our fellow Sheepdogs, your documentation of our pro-Troop rallies over the past 4 years is sincerely appreciated. It has also given a face and voice via your work/blog that has been an integral part of the Chester County Victory’s Movement and the American Sheepdogs’ obvious success. Thanks and God bless.
    Tom C.

  3. anthony j oleck

    Rich….what you have accomplished is truly amazing. If it only lasted 6 months it would have been great. The fact that it lasted 4 YEARS and your group dwarfs the group led by West Chesters own Jane Fonda is the icing on the cake (great birthday cake by the way)

    As far as Tania….what can you say? It was a long trek for her from Philly to West Chester but she was there, camera in hand, taking pictures, doing videos, taking the physical abuse from the “peace” crowd and blogging to beat the band…as they say…. behind every successful man there is a woman… ( turns out this one was a drop dead gorgeous one not that Rich isn’t pretty….but Tania gave him an edge) thanks Tania and Rich for giving me some well deserved “revenge” against the Karen Porters of the world who treated Vietnam Veterans like criminals.

    I think my best moment at your rally was when the cops had the “peace” jerk who pushed Tania… face down on the street and were putting the cuffs on him….what a picture. I thought Karen said you were the “jack booted thugs”? Guess she forgot to poll her own people….turns out the hate and the violence came from the folks who call themselves the “peace makers”…..who would have thunk it?

  4. says:

    Another outstanding report and pictures Tania! Thanks so much for all the time and effort you have put into covering our rallies. Your photos and videos are priceless.

    You have made it possible for us to have tangible memories of our achievements through these 4 years.

    We have come a long way together, what a great experience its been.

    Without you to document what we were doing on “Midnight Blue” we would only have word of mouth.

    Looking forward to next year’s 5th birthday party, it’ll be even bigger and better.

    Thanks again for coming to West Chester yesterday (wearing your leg cast), you made it special.

    Take care and keep it up, you are doing a great job for which we are forever grateful.

  5. Dot

    How wonderful! I participated in the 2011 Flag Day event. West Chester, you have such a strong group of Patriots.
    Thanks so much!
    God Bless!
    Captain Dot,
    Nurse Corps, USN, retired
    Dresher, PA

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