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Wednesday Blend

Welcome to the Monday Wednesday Blend! Lots of stories floating around the internet today, let’s  jump right in, shall we?

If faced with the same situation – I’d do exactly the same to save Buster’s life.  Alaskan woman punches a bear in the face in order to save her dachshund named Fudge.

Via Verum Serum  WEAC Union fails to bully School Board to vote against changes in an employee handbook in the New Berlin School District. The video embedded in the post is well worth watching, especially the party where the red shirted WEAC union supporters exit the building before the school board vote.

Obama’s green ‘article of faith’ Solyndra has announced plans to declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy despite being offered $535 million in a low interest loan from the federal government.

Pat Dollard wonders about the silence from MSM after left leaning blogger apologizes and explains his unauthorized use and editing of Robert Stacy McCain’s video of Michele Bachmann speaking to a Christian youth group.

Are Faux-Vintage photos from war photojournalists via applications such as Hipstamatic a realistic way to document the realities of modern conflict? As an enthusiast of Hipstamatic, Instagram and Camera+, I fully understand how the look of an image can drive emotions of the viewer.  I don’t see a problem of the choice of camera used by a photojounalist, we all have an agenda when shooting and choose our gear appropriately. I draw the line of fraudulently manipulating an image, for example, the infamous Iranian photo which adding more missiles than actually were fired and numerous Reuters images.  Photo-friends, what are your thoughts on this issue? Leave a message in the comment section.

All Hail Zombie – check out his green vs Tea Party rally. 

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One response to “Wednesday Blend

  1. Trevor Hilton

    Do you suppose Obummer would give me a couple mill to develop my solar powered night light idea?

    About the edited Michele Bachman story, probably for the same reason the Obsolete Media has been fairly silent on the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal, and raiding Gibson Guitars.

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